As the group meet back up at the base they talk about the clones being stopped at last. As they talk Stacy Hart comes in and tells them around 10 Kang Davisons are matching towards there way and are coming up fast.

Scott looks at the others and they all know it time to finish off the rest of his clones we are now on a rampage hunting for the Rivers. As the head towards the fight they soon find that also Steven Hills and the others are going to burn the base the ground. Before they can do anything the base is burned to the floor. The group now find out there are more clones coming and must split up if there are going to surive the night and live to tell the tale. Scott wants to finish it with Steven Hills and plans on heading back to the remains of Oasis care where he is sure Steven Hills will be. The others also split up and take down the rest of them sure there skills is powerful to beat them all.

Stacy Hart soon finds Frank Lawson armed with some clones of Kang she quickly fights with them and start to deal with them. Winning the battle. Meanwhile Zack also find some more clones. Soon the group have manage to beat the clones they then plan on helping Scott with his fight with Steven Hills.

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