Scott Curtis has found Steven Hills and starts to chase him across Newton Abbot as he does. He then finds it has been a trap and Kang Davison want Scott dead once again the name Robert Dorrington comes up. Scott suspect after the last fight this should be easy however Oasis have manage to give Steven some of the powers that Barry had when they were able to take some of his DNA.

Scott now is aware fighting Steven is not going to be a easy match. Steven then tells Scott that Becky Miles is dead and he should forget about her if he knows what is good for him. Scott quickly tells him its lies. However Steven tells him if thats what he really wants to think. In the fight Scott slowly matches Steven but it turns out Steven has only been messing with him.

Scott finds himself having no match with Steven and his skills that are very much like Barrys As it looks like it is all over. Keith Rainer joins in for the fight and is able to knock Steven Hills back. Keith is then joined by Stacy Hart together the three of them face off with Steven. Soon Scott loses it and starts to beat Steven up to much. Keith and Stacy pull Scott away as Steven is knocked out on the floor. They look up as a helicopter flys above them. Kang starts his attack and is armed in the air. Scott along with Keith and Stacy quickly run for cover and try and find someway they can escape as more of Oasis workers come in. After fighting lose of them. They start to retreat Kang speak in a mircophone this isn't the last time you three we will meet again one day. Scott then deals with the events and breaks down. Scott with Keith and Stacy all head back across to Kingsteigton where the chapter ends.

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