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Welcome to the Orbpedia Wiki. Orbpedia was founded with the aim of becoming the most definitive, comprehensive and accessible repository of information relating to the world of Orb[1] as popularised in the Way of the Tiger series of books and other publications such as the eleventh Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Talisman of Death. It is a collaborative project and anyone can edit any article within this wiki database. Orbpedia started in November 2007.


  1. According to the various biographies in the gamebooks, Mark Smith began to create the fantasy world of Orb in 1976 for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The information in this wiki is primarily based on the Way of the Tiger (I–VI) gamebook series and Talisman of Death (TD), by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson, and to a lesser extent the Duelmaster (DM1–4) series of two-player gamebooks, the Falcon book Lost in Time (F4) and the Virtual Reality books Green Blood (VR1) and Coils of Hate (VR3), by the same authors.

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