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An alternative view on orbs

There is very little research into the phenomena called orbs, it is certainly dismissed by science and the study of this anomaly is regarded to have no value. Our group have undertaken an extensive study, during this time we have been associated with a biochemist who recoised the form particularly of webs and division of orbs, which bore an uncanny resemblance to biological processes. The web process is yet to be fully understood, so this moment remains a collection of images that show process.

During the research period we decided to do an extensive study including controls. We recorded at numerous locations, climatic conditions and over the years we built up an understanding of its central process. This was helped by the diversification into film where we could observe and link the movement of these particles to the digital stills. At times we were recording as many as 4,000 images per week. We also set up simple repeatable experiments shooting with two cameras 1.3m-1.5m apart at an angle up to 90 degrees. These images were measured some of the orbs were over 3m away. In the process we scaled objects against that distance we son realised that some of these orbs were as big as footballs. We also used mirrors, reflected surfaces; we caught of first reflection on a pond over 4m away from the lens. This was to counter the augments that dust, pollen, water in close proximity to the lens causes these effects.. In one of the controls we used a mister to record the effects of water. All these indoor water droplets were the same size and perfectly round, quite unlike the images we recorded in the rain.


What we noticed that these spheres, rods, bars, waves and mists formed a process which we believe that is central to the creation of our universe.

These are early days and assumptions may prove costly. New equipment and engagement of the science world will unlock further the most ancient understandings of creation.

Some of the video were recorded at Bronze Age sites where we recorded bars which contain orbs firing out of the stones. Through this study many ancient beliefs systems are now beginning to be understood including the I Ching. We have seen these bars travel in threes and sixes which seem to open and close similar to the orbs that divide. Some of these bars resemble Brazilian rock art and have a distinctive form.

We are not the only group to notice similarities, of rock art and energy.

Plasma in the Lab and in Rock Art

Plasma scientists are now comparing electrical discharge formations in the laboratory to rock art images around the world. Results in 2005 should confirm that immense and terrifying plasma configurations were seen in the sky of our ancestors.

For over three decades Anthony Peratt, a leading authority on plasma phenomena, concentrated his laboratory research on the unstable formations that develop in high-energy electrical discharge. He recorded the evolution of these configurations through dozens of phases. Some of the most elaborate discharge forms are now called “Peratt Instabilities” because he was the first to document them.

But Peratt’s most recent work has taken him in a new direction, and the results offer a remarkable link between plasma science and things once seen in the heavens. In September, 2000, in response to communication with David Talbott, Peratt became intrigued by the striking similarity of ancient rock art to the discharge formations he had documented. Suddenly he was seeing, carved on stone by the tens of thousands, the very forms he had observed in the laboratory. The correlation was so precise--down to the finest details--that it could not be accidental. The artists were recording heaven-spanning discharge formations above them."

We to date had limited access to these Bronze Age rock art images but we have found evidence that these peoples knew and saw this process of orbs.


Rock art dated from 1500BC overlaid by study photographs

Did Bronze Age man have digital cameras? </div>


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