Orbulon Plutonium
is an Character of the 1997 Tajaha Saga WarioWare. he is the Main Tritagonist (Also in WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon) Of Warioware, Inc. .


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Alien
  • Alignment: Good
  • Age: Unknown
  • Occupation: Space Captain
  • Personal Color: White
  • Girlriend: Ashley (Officially)
  • First Introduced: WarioWare 1 (1997).
  • WW: Portfolio Cartoon Debut: S02 E05B: Visitor from Space.
  • Friends: Wario, Mona, Penny, Ashley (Girlfriend), Tony, Dribble, Spitz (Best Friend), Kat, Ana, Young Cricket, Jimmy. T, Jimmy. P, 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dr. Crygor, Mike, Mini-Wario.
  • Friends (WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon): Picuyi, Timm, Socki, Natalie, Mr. Plutonium, Mrs. Plutonium (Fathers).
  • Rivals: Rogg, Nebulafrog (formerly).
  • Enemies: Dr. Keith Ventor, Black Jewel, Evil Orbulon, Captain Syrup, Splunks (Arch-Enemies), The Dinosaurs, Muncher the King, Headcrab, .
  • Enemies (WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon): Deadrabbit, Virusis, Henlarsey, Clarky.


  • Orbulon is Physically based on Lord Mantorium from Cortex Twinsanity
  • Orbulon was Formerly destined to be an Alien Invader as Invader Zim, but a Series of Tests made this Wouldn't happens.

Counterparts (WarioWare (T,J&H Productions) Version) (Male Version) (Hero Version)

  • Henry or James (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends)

Counterparts (WarioWare: Portfolio Cartoon Version)


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