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  It began on a sunny october day. Bracing himself for the baby blue dragons, Omen plunged into the Taverly Dungeon. All was going fine and well until a full grown blue dragon blasted him with a 27 and he respawned back in Falador with half of his rune armor.
  His head began to hurt.
  He then walked back to the bank, desperate for something to do. He then wondered...If he could make clans in past video games, why not runescape?
  The Order of the Shaft begun.
  But what truly inspired him was the Order of the Cabbage. A clan/cult who lived for picking cabbages...He was intrigued. But not interested. So he thought deeply on what kind of group he could create.
  He thought, as his CD player blasted music into his ears, that it had to be something sufficiently low in skill. Big bones? No, the Hill Giants were too far away from a bank. Runes? Oh, god no. He'd already wasted enough time with that strategy. And if he needed any, he would just hand his friend Chaoslord some essense, and bam. Runes.
  His mind drifted slowly to the Insane Clown Posse. Yes, he was a huge fan of their unique style...A juggalo thuggalo scrubbalo...And he always carried around a hatchet in runescape whenever he could...
  Hatchet. Lack of skill.
  Arrow shafts.
  It would be a pity it was members only, but oh well.
  He then sat down and devised a uniform...
  Dark grey Canifis robes, a holy symbol, and a knife in his inventory.
  He then went to Draynor...And began to cut.
  The Order of the shaft is always open for members, and can contact the leader, DJ Birdie, through runescape or his forum. (

Home of the Order of the Shaft - World 99 Draynor Manor front lawn

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