The Order of the Rose is a group that exist purely to "save” the Soul Society by using the destructive and untamed powers of the demonic sword Yamato. They are led by former Shinigami Captain Saburo Kiyomizu, now under the name of Augustus Sohn Von Keiner. A past shrouded in mystery, he is the one responsible for X becoming a Hollow. As expected, The Order are the main enemies of X’s own team, Team Faust. Much like Cielo Spade, The Order has it's own separate unit known as Schwarze Rosen.

Augustus Sohn Von Keiner

Name: Herr Augustus Sohn Von Keiner (Saburo Kiyomizu/Augustus Herrmann)

Apperance: Green Eyes Eyes, Long Raven Hair, White Skin Tone

Zanpackuto: Darakeno Ru^tsu (Bloody Roots)

Release: Encompass, Darakeno Ru^tsu

Bankai: Darakeno Ru^tsu Sekai Souzou (World Creation of Bloody Roots)

Devil Trigger: Yamato, The Dark Slayer

Firearms: Death Sentence and Melancholy Soul

History: Born into a noble family in the heart of Germany, Augustus Herrmann was a rich man of business who prospered during the 1500’s. However, after being slain during the Reformation, his soul was sent to the Soul Society. After growing accustomed to the afterlife, Augustus spent ten years in poverty and trying to harness his reaitsu. After he had mastered it to a certain degree, he entered the academy to try and become a Shinigami. It only took him ten years to gain a zanpackuto, and another two before he joined as 17th seat of Squad 5, taking the name Saburo Kiyomizu. By the time half a century had passed, he was lieutenant of the 5th Division, and a powerful Shinigami at that. He seemed to be finally at peace.

However, he had a secret agenda, which originally involved killing the Captain-Commander of the Soul Society. The reason for this was during his time as a citizen of the poverty stricken districts of the Soul Society, he had seen the noble families do horrific things to both men and women, and how children were taken in by the nobles depending on their reaitsu control. The clear division deeply disturbed and infuriated Kiyomizu, and he vowed to change it. However, what truly broke him was when he discovered that his former Captain was deliberately killing off weaker noble houses that refused to join him or his other allies by feeding them directly to Hollows. In a fit of rage Kiyomizu achieved Bankai and killed his former Captain and all present, Hollows and innocents alike. He turned the incident into his favour and became the new Captain of the 5th Division, taking a young Shinji Hirako as his new lieutenant. He remained a Captain for the next century, gaining much respect from the Gotei 13 and his subodinates, all the while plotting on how to "save" the Soul Society.

His original plan was to launch a surprise attack on the Captain Commander using his Bankai (he had previously tricked the Gotei 13 into believing an aspect of his Shikai was his actual Bankai), considering he was unrecognisable while his Bankai was in place, he could not be uncovered. It would then be a case of framing one of his subordinates or another Shinigami for the slaughter and return as a hero. However, before he launched his plan into action, he came across a shard of Yamato, the sword of a fallen demon that was said to be able to “carve a New World from the ashes of the old”. Deciding he could use the sword of the Dark Slayer to "save and preserve" the Soul Society, he faked his own death, and fled into the world of the living to retrieve the other shards.

By 1882, he had acquired over ¾ of Yamato, taking one of the final pieces from a young X who he discovered in an alley in olden London. After severing X’s soul chain, leaving him for dead and sending him to Hueco Mundo, he set out to acquire the last few shards of Yamato while simultaneously building up a squad of his own, which later become the Order of the Rose. Presently, he resides in Hohenzollern Castle, returning to his German roots under the name of Augustus Sohn Von Keiner.

Abilities: As a former Shinigami Captain, Keiner is in possession of a Shikai and a Bankai. His initial release allows him control of wood, and can rapidly form giant roots and trees. His final release creates a fierce set of armour that drastically increases his power and the force and speed of his creations. With Yamato, he is in possession of a Devil Trigger, which transforms him into a demonic-looking angel with dangerous force. He is also a master of Kido, Zanjutsu and Hoho.

Techniques (Zanpackuto):

Ki no tsuru:

Mokuzai tsuru zen'nō:

Shīru: Mokuzai no sekai:

Shīru: Mokuzai no sāberu:

Shīru: Mokuzai no keimusho

Hassei saisei no rūtsu:

Akuma no kage rūtsu:

Kami no idaina rūtsu:

Sōzō no sekai: Hakai no ōkina ki:

Techniques (Devil Trigger):

First Heaven: Arma

Second Heaven: Ignis

Third Heaven: Nix

Forth Heaven: Draco

Fifth Heaven: Vermis

Additional Info: After fleeing from the Soul Society, Keiner was able to acquire a great deal of wealth through killings, and other underhanded deals. Through this, he was able to acquire Hohenzollern Castle and the surrounding woodland. Aside from The Order, the castle is home to a verity of servants and guards (white masked and cloaked individuals known as the Taken) who were victims to exposure of Yamato's essence, and consequently lost their own individual will. A keen lover of all things classical, Keiner loves nothing more than to indulge himself in literature, fine wine, classic music and art. While a gentleman in outgoing appearance, there is a part of Keiner that longs for intimacy with women. When he was a Captain in the Soul Society, he had a long-lasting affair with a then young Yoruichi Shihoin, who by then was only a lieutenant. In the present day, he has a affair going with each member of the Beauty and the Beast Corp.


"Soul Society, a potential paradise, one that must be protected at all cost"

"No matter how may times I fall, I shall rise once again"

"You and I; we are parallels in a dispute between demons that spans time itself"

"It's good to see you sweet Yoruichi"

"The Order is built upon desire, we each desire a different dream. The desire to see those dreams become a reality is what unites us"

" rotting..."

"Yamato is no more than a key to achieving my goal, my zanpakuto is my true weapon, and as precious to me as the Soul Society itself. It is a reflection of my ambitions"

"Soul Society is a fragile rose, and I am the tree that encases it, nurtures it, guards it"

"I shall carve away at the sins of the afterlife. I alone shall be the blade that cleanses the stains from the Soul Society, and as time progress, I myself shall become the last sin of the old world. Only then shall I die"

The Order


Opposed by Tobi


Opposed by Ichigo

Laughing Octopus

Opposed by Hinata

Raging Raven

Opposed by Hiei

Crying Wolf

Opposed by Kevin

Screaming Mantis

Opposed by Yoruichi

Schwarze Rosen

Arturo Plateado

Opposed by Harribel

Guardian of the Sky Nero Ring

Frederick Von Twirlenkiller

Opposed by Caboose

Guardian of the Storm Nero Ring

Jude the Dude

Opposed by Jack

Guardian of the Sun Nero Ring


Opposed by Maka/Soul

Guardian of the Thunder Nero Ring


Opposed by Hibari

Guardian of the Mist Nero Ring

Zorin Blitz

Opposed by Schrodinger

Guardian of the Rain Nero Ring

Alice Moonlight

Opposed by Haruhi

Guardian of the Cloud Nero Ring

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