Orecal southeast command army banner

SEMC "Colors"

South Eastern Military Command (SEMC), called "Dagger strike" and consisting of the 10th Mechanized Infantry Division is Headquartered in Domesto. Attached to the SEMC is one air wing, "Air Lords", located at Sanguine and Remlot Airfields (located to the North and East of the city limits of Domesto) hold the responsibilty of security and stabilization in the South-Eastern Sector of Orecal which would include the Revod area of interest.

Dagger Strike 10th Mechanzied Infatry Division:

 HQ and HQ Company
 1/173rd Armored Brigade
 2/7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
 3/7th Mechanized Infantry Brigade
 1/301st Cavlary Squadron
 101st Support Battalion
 1st Artillery Battery

Air Lords Squadron :

1gdaair wing badge


                      Jaguar  F-2000B

2-6gav air wing badge

6°GAv 2°/6°GAv

                      Guardiao C-98

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