Local Groups or Local Chapter of Larger Networks

Thinking, not just of groups to give money to, but how to disburse it (monthly, semi-annually, one time/as needed, etc). Do some groups get small monthly contributions and other groups get medium annual or semi annual contributions?

also, think of criteria for groups and remove those that won't qualify/adapt: non-hierachical, radical...

  • Monkeywrench Books
  • Inside Books
  • Bikes Across Borders
  • Yellow Bike Project
  • RUST (Radical Urban Sustainabilty Training)
  • Community Permaculture Garden
  • Anti-Racist Action
  • Root Force
  • Bike Messengers
  • IWW
  • 423 Tillery
  • Sending Local Activists Overseas on Projects
  • Anti-Racist World Cup Teams
  • Inlex
  • Resistencia
  • Radical Enceuntro
  • PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources)
  • Indymedia
  • Rhizome Collective
  • Radio Station KPWR ?
  • Youth Liberation Network
  • ABC Leagal Services
  • Food Not Bombs
  • Whole Women's Health of Austin
  • Youth Activists of Austin (YAA)
  • Save Our Springs Alliance (S.O.S.)?
  • Ecology Action
  • Austin People's Legal Collective (APLC)
  • Austin Against War (AAW)?
  • AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power - Austin (ACT UP)?
  • Action for Animals
  • Biketakeover
  • ATX Anarchist Soccer
  • Black Star Pub
  • Youth Media Collective

Worth while groups on Campus?

    • Palestine Solidarity Committee?
    • Campus Anti-war Movement to End the Occupation?
    • Students Against Cruelty to Animals - UT (SACA)?
    • Students for Choice (reproductive choice)

Regional/National Groups/Networks?

  • Anarchist Black Cross (Houston chapter or National Network?)
  • Radical Encuentro
  • Earth First!
  • Angola 3 Committee
  • Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG)?

Federation Seed Funds

This is what we want to start up to suck up some more cappy points to redistribute to the above and beyond.

  • Worker-Owned Bike Shop - combining with yellow bike is unliikely to happen as being a non-profit gives them an unfair advantage over local bike shops, who are a source of donations, word of mouth and finiancial aid. It has been an issue in the past.
  • A Bank/Credit Union - folks need a place where usury is not appropriate. Savings can be invested in worthwhile projects (if any exist) and Loans can be given out without interest.
  • Medical Clinic-so everyone can get smallpox vaccines--er, basic medical care
  • Time Exchange - to barter/trade goods and services

before we go any further on this, I'm going to mention that there is a page(s) on inlex for this here that we should probably link and use/update rather than duplicate:


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