Organizing for Action

Grassroots organization refers to getting things started at the level of the people involved in whatever problem exists for the village or organization at any level. One common way of gaining access to people who have the power to make decisions is to contact them in as many ways as possible. People in the village may decide to email, write, or call the people in governmental or non-governmental organizations that may be influenced within their decision-making processes. According to the website, and adapted to for water issues, there are several ways to go about organizing grassroots efforts. Some of the ideas are as follows:

  • Go door-to-door to talk with your neighbors about what needs to be done about gaining access to water
  • If you have access to a phone, call your neighbors to discuss ideas about how to gain access to water
  • Host a party that will get people interested in and excited about the idea of gaining access to water
  • Have serious meetings to come up with ideas on how to finance and build wells that will help the entire village
  • Put up posters to remind people about the importance of everyone getting involved in the water issues
  • Talk with people you may run into while you are out during the day to discuss the issues
  • Gather signatures from people to send to the leaders in order to show them how many individuals support the plans to gain access to water
  • In urban areas, set up tables in the town to provide information to passers-by regarding the importance of gaining access to water
  • Raise money from groups who support the plans to build wells
  • Organize large demonstrations near buildings that house leaders who are able to make decisions affecting water access issues to let them know what you want and how passionate you are about gaining access to water

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