The Orghim are a race that can found in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


The High Orghim were once a race far removed from the race that now bears their name. For reasons unknown, the High resorted to cross-breeding with the lesser races of the World to continue their race, and the Orghim that we know today are one of the most dominant results of this racial breeding. The race that the High bred with to create them is unknown, but their offspring were most like the High of all the other attempts, and so were most favoured.

At the passing of the Second Rain, the Orghim found themselves scattered across the world, dwelling in the ruins of their former brothers. Here they dwelt for many long years, until the coming of the other Young Races, who coverted the lands that they occupied. Whilst a few warred and battled for the land, many Orghim were glad to welcome the settlers. As such, the Orghim could be considered the most wide spread of all races in the World, more so than humans, for many races that do not stand the presence of the Human will welcome an Orghim into their homes.


Orghim can stand anywhere from eight to eleven feet tall. They are long of limb, and can possess exceptional minds and intelligences.

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