user:ori magos

my subject is Relationship threw the T.V.

The Idea

The development of the computer communication brought that technology to many peoples. the Computer mediated communication became technology that connecting between milliom users worldwide and virtual community became very atractive for peoples which looking for information and relasionship, no metter where they are living. At the last years the interactive T.v growing in Israel. in Europe and the U.S that technology became very development and peoples can surfing threw the T.V screen, to make a video phone calls and eaven to buy. that thecnolagy made in Israel by HOT, Communication corp.

My Thesis

It's seems that the World Wild Web very samiler to the Digital Thecnology. In both Users can communicate and to transfer massage and ideas. Despite, I will prove that the virtual comunity are difrence that the T.v community. the difrence can be made by the ways that the users pass massages each others and because of the technolagy ways to write that massages (at the T.V the users writing the massages like S.M.S). the massage will be defrents between the two tecnology and the communities will be defrence.

My Proposal

hebrew version

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