When you log in to Second Life for the first time, you will land on Orientation Island. All new SL members start on one of several Orientation Islands. There are multiple Orientation Islands. Orientation Island Public is available to all Residents
Second Life Registration: Select a Community. Join a Community. ...If you would like to start on Linden Lab's Orientation Island, click the "Skip This Step" button, or just take me to Linden Lab's Orientation Island
In Sep. 2008 new residents were arriving at a Help Island and NOT an Orientation Island
Linden Lab has discontinued the usage of the Orientation Islands. Residents are currently starting at the improved Help Islands and may soon start at new InfoHubs, so called MegaHubs. Please read the VTeam Blog (in particular this posting and the following Q&A with Blue Linden), as well as future announcements on this topic.
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At the end of Orientation Island, the new resident is presented with two choices: either a trip to one of the mainland welcome areas, or a trip to Help Island
As of November 2008 the choices were:
Ready to find out more? Meet a friend? Get free stuff? [Click Here to Go to Help Island]
Ready to explore Second Life? [Click Here]

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