Original Character Story trailer advision
Since this trailer was too scary to use, this was replaced with the initial teaser trailer (which can be found on the VHS and DVD prints of A Bunny Christmas). Even though this wasn't on the 2000 VHS and DVD of A Bunny Christmas, this was included as a DVD bonus feature on Character Story 2000 DVD.


  • (White words on a black background: "You are about to watch a rarely-seen trailer for Character Story that was deemed too scary for kids, but don't worry, it's still CartoonTales! It's just a little on the dark side.", with the red caption "WARNING:" flashing. In parentheses, below the text reads: "And the masterminds behind CartoonTales do not advocate the pre-teen use of plutonium.")
  • (We go to a flashing countdown timer on a computer as the beginning music of Funiculi, Funicula plays)
  • Person: (counting down) 10... 9... 8... 7...
  • Narrator: Get ready... For the launch... Of a new phenomenon.
  • Person: 3... 2... 1...
  • Jimmy Neutron: Blast off!
  • Kristoff: Kristoff is on the job!
  • Narrator: JimmyandFriends Entertainment present: CHARACTER STORY. The tale of two friends on the journey of a lifetime!
  • Kristoff: Does anyone know where I can get a lotta plutonium?
  • Narrator: Didn't you read the sign? JimmyandFriends is not aware of the pre-teen use of plutonium.
  • Kristoff: Oh, yeah.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Jimmy Neutron to Star Command, come in Star Command.
  • (White words on a black background "A mountain man with a bossy attitude.")
  • Narrator: A mountain man with a bossy attitude...
  • Kristoff: If you don't have one, get one!
  • (White words on a black background "...And a boy genius who proves himself to be a real space ranger.")
  • Narrator: ...And a boy genius who proves himself to be a real space ranger
  • Jimmy Neutron: Eh, What are superfriends for?
  • (Flash to 3D views of the character models of Jimmy Neutron and Kristoff)
  • (White words on a black background "Unite.")
  • Narrator: ...Unite.
  • SpongeBob: They're here!
  • Wanda: What do you say, I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?
  • Kristoff: Will Timmy pick me?
  • Jimmy Neutron: You, my friend, are responsible for delaying my rendevous with Star Command!
  • (White words on a black background "Features a total of seven new great songs!")
  • Narrator: Features a total of seven new great songs!
  • (As epic music plays, images flash by very quickly: Jimmy Neutron and Kristoff sparring, King Fergus tying Jimmy Neutron to a rocket, Jimmy Neutron flying, Jimmy Neutron is knocked out of the window, Kristoff speaking to Kermit, Bert, Gobo, Mr. Bunny and Mr. Turner carrying a walkie-talkie thing-)
  • (Sudden blackscreen)
  • Kristoff: Hang on, Timmy. Help is on the way!
  • (Drumbeat to blackscreen. The logo shows up)
  • Narrator: "CHARACTER STORY". An all-new adventure.
  • Jimmy Neutron: To infinity - and beyond!
  • (Blackscreen with gold letters)
  • Narrator: Premiering on DVD and Video, September 10, 2001!

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