Original Toy Story trailer advision
Although this is on Barney's Nightmare Before Christmas, this was never distributed because it was deemed "too dark" for kids (it's more like a Batman (1989) style movie trailer). The trailer was replaced with the initial teaser trailer (which can be found on the VHS and DVD prints of A Chipmunk Christmas). Even though this wasn't on the 2000 VHS and DVD of A Chipmunk Christmas, this was included as a DVD bonus feature on Toy Story.


  • (White words on a black background: "You are about to watch a rarely-seen trailer for Toy Story that was deemed too scary for kids, but don't worry, it's still VeggieTales! It's just a little on the dark side.", with the red caption "WARNING:" flashing. In parentheses, below the text reads: "And the masterminds behind VeggieTales do not advocate the pre-teen use of plutonium.")
  • (We go to a flashing countdown timer on a computer as the beginning music of Funiculi, Funicula plays)
  • Person: (counting down) 10... 9... 8... 7...
  • Narrator: Get ready... For the launch... Of a new phenomenon.
  • Person: 3... 2... 1...
  • Buzz Lightyear: Blast off!
  • Woody: Sheriff Woody is on the job!
  • Narrator: Big Idea Productions present: TOY STORY. The tale of two friends on the journey of a lifetime!
  • Woody: Does anyone know where I can get a lotta plutonium?
  • Narrator: Didn't you read the sign? Big Idea Productions is not aware of the pre-teen use of plutonium.
  • Woody: Oh, yeah.
  • Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in Star Command.
  • (White words on a black background "A cowboy cucumber with a bossy attitude.")
  • Narrator: A cowboy cucumber with a bossy attitude...
  • Woody: If you don't have one, get one!
  • (White words on a black background "...And a tomato who proves himself to be a real space ranger.")
  • Narrator: ...And a tomato who proves himself to be a real space ranger...
  • Buzz Lightyear: Eh, What are superfriends for?
  • (Flash to 3D views of the character models of Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear)
  • (White words on a black background "Unite.")
  • Narrator: ...Unite.
  • Hamm: They're here!
  • Bo Peep: What do you say, I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?
  • Woody: Will Andy pick me?
  • Buzz Lightyear: You, my friend, are responsible for delaying my rendevous with Star Command!
  • (White words on a black background "Features a total of seven new great songs!")
  • Narrator: Features a total of seven new great songs!
  • (As epic music plays, images flash by very quickly: Buzz and Woody sparring, Sid tying Buzz to a rocket, Buzz flying, Buzz is knocked out of the window, Woody speaking to Sarge, the Green Army Men carrying a walkie-talkie thing-)
  • (Sudden blackscreen)
  • Woody: Hang on, Andy. Help is on the way!
  • (Drumbeat to blackscreen. The logo shows up)
  • Narrator: "TOY STORY". An all-new adventure.
  • Buzz Lightyear: To infinity - and beyond!
  • (Blackscreen with gold letters)
  • Narrator: Premiering on DVD and Video, September 10, 2001!

Fun Facts

  • As evidenced, Toy Story was supposed to come out/originally planned to be released on Fall 2001, but was pushed to Fall 2000 instead.
    Original advision
    • The announcer states that it is premiering on home video and DVD the day before the 9/11 attacks.
  • The music at the beginning of the trailer is the beginning music of Funiculi, Funicula, even though that song's not in the actual video (Despite it not having a total of 8 songs, it messes up the continuity).

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