The Orock are a race of beings found in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


It is known that at least at the time immediately before the Second Rain, the Orock were a slave-race taken by one of the Old Races. How they were subjugated so or what race had taken them is unknown, even to the Orock themselves. Their emergence at the end of the Second Rain, however, is regarded by many to be the first coming of the Young Races.

The Orock themselves had either been created for slavery, or had simply endured it for so long that they could not fathom anything else, but in either case when they were freed from their shackles by the Second Rain, they found themselves without purpose.

The Great Train of the Orock

The Great Train of the Orock has been a constant migration by the species since it first emerged. Whilst they do not know from whence they came, Orocks have a racial urge to wander, to constantly seek new horizons. The Great Train refers to the migration has a hole, and separate groups of Orock are known as Trains.

What the Orock are travelling to, or perhaps fleeing from, is not known. The Orocks themselves simply maintain that they’ll know it when they see it.


Orocks are bipedal and stand on average 6 feet tall. They have jackal-like features and their skin ranges in colour from a blue-grey to a pale shade of viridian. They have thick hair in several places, notably the head, the back, and the backs of their arms and tops of their legs.

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