Orson the Pig and Friends is a Garfield/Thomas parody series.


  • Orson as Thomas
  • Edward R. Furrow as Edward
  • Odie as Henry
  • Garfield as Gordon
  • Roy as James
  • Bo as Percy
  • Michael Crab as Toby
  • Wade as Duck
  • Who the Dog as Donald
  • What the Dog as Douglas
  • Winston as Oliver
  • Penelope as Emily
  • Jon as Sir Topham Hat
  • The Weasel as Diesel
  • Gort as Arry/Bert
  • Wart as Splatter
  • Mort as Dodge
  • The Fox as Bulgy
  • The Police Dog as Boco
  • Booker as Bill
  • Sheldon as Ben
  • Fred Duck as Salty
  • Where the Dog as Whiff
  • Cloe as Rosie
  • Spencer as Spencer
  • Arlene as Mavis
  • Lanolin as Daisy
  • Aloysius as Fergus


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • more coming soon

Season 5

  • more coming soon
  • and more seasons coming soon


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