The Orthodox Church of Divine Truth is the largest single religion in the universe of Alternate Earth and the Local Solar System. It's doctrines include belief in one God, reincarnation of immortal souls in new human bodies until they unite with God or go to Hell, and the belief that all humans descend from Adam and Eve as found in the Book of Genesis. The Orthodox Church also preaches opposition to cloning of humans (but not planets/animals), or genetic manipulation to create human mutants or human-animal hybrids. It also opposes artificial intelligence for robots and computers, preaching that intelligent machines are blasphemous. It is the state religion in the Eurasian Dominate (though the Dominate permits religious freedom, at least in theory), and it is also the majority faith in the Pan-American Collective, and supported by most government officials, though the Collective includes official separation of church and state. The Orthodox Church is also the majority faith in all three nations on Earth's moon Luna [see Luna in AELSS), near-Earth orbital cities (see orbital colonies in AELSS, in many of the Martian city-states (see Mars in AELSS), and in the nation of Aphrodite on the planet Venus (see Venus in AELSS. It is less influential on the planet Mercury (see Mercury in AELSS), in the Venusian nation of Ishtar (whose majority faith is a variant of Islam), the asteroid belt (see asteroid belt in AELSS, and some of the Martian city-states (where Greco-Roman polytheistic paganism is the rage). The Orthodox Church of Divine Truth is headed by the Council of Archbishops, representing the archbishops of the Eurasian Dominate, Pan-American Collective, Near-Earth Region (meaning the near-Earth orbital cities and Luna), Inner Planets (Venus and Mercury), and Outer Rim (Mars and the asteroid belt). Below these five archbishops are the two ranks of senior and junior bishops. Below the archbishops and bishops are the clergy of the lower ranks (from highest to lowest: archpriest, priest, archdeacon, deacon, and novitiate).

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