Orthodox Tarot

Orthodox Tarot is the act of using cards of the saints of the Orthodoxy to tell fortunes about people, things or events during the present or future. Due to the length of the rule of the Orthodoxy and all those who were added in at the beginning of the faith, there are litterally thousands of different saints. Only around 100 are commonly known by the faithful common people, and so their cards are the most commonly used. Originally marked as forbidden by the church, the widespread popularity caused the curch to reverse its decision and mark the use of the Tarot as a sanctioned act by the curch, though charlitans who would use this ability to rip off people would be severly punished.


The Pope at the time that Tarot became popular was a businessman in his life before joining the clergy, and had a company start distribution of the offical Tarot cards of the church. These offical cards were blessed by a clergyman and sold in packs of 80 saints (each pack was a standard set, and so people would always know which saints they were buying), and over 100 sets were known to exist. After a while, rumors spread of cards blessed by the pope, and trading deals went on for people looking for the special marks denoting the pope's blessing (none were ever actually blessed by any reigning pope).

During the last decades before the fall, a set of electronic Tarot cards were created. This 80 card set was a blank video screen on one side and when taken out of their box and laid on their back they would display a saint. Every so often a card would change in the middle of the fortune telling. Some saw this as a glitich while others saw it as divine providence. While these cards were much better than the old ones which could be destroyed much easier, these cards had a problem in that they were very expensive. A set of these cost more than owning 2 of every saint card. Also, it was believed that the Orthodoxy actually controlled the outcome of the cards, and that they would change them to their own will.

Church Tarot

One interesting note about these cards was that there were electronic Tarot cards which had been blessed by the pope. These cards were only available to clergymen, and only for special actions they had done for the church. While most other electronic Tarot cards were destroyed, many of these sets have survived and most remain in the hands of the Orthodoxy.

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