Oscar Eats Breakfast

"Ugh! Gross! Yucch! Bleck!" Oscar the Grouch glared at the horrible, disgusting food slithering on his dish. Sloppy blobs. Bumpy lumps. Rubbery blubbery globules of glop. ICK!!! How everybody else down at the foundation could eat this swill without throwing up was amazing. Oscar poked at the icky breakfast food. It was made to look like brains. It was shaped like brains. Maybe it was brains. Oscar pushed away his plate. "I can't eat this," moaned Oscar. "I'll get sick!" "Oscar! Eggs are delicious," said Kanga. "And nutritious," said Big Bird. "I love them", said Ojo. "Can I have seconds?" "It's nice to know someone likes my cooking," Kermit said. He and Baby Bop were cross with the green grouch. "But I hate breakfast," said Oscar. Yuck. Breakfast was so...........healthy. And tasted so.... breakfast-like. "I want hamburgers!" "Well, you can't have it," said Muck. "My cousin Rumpel eats soup all the time," said Oscar. "I don't care what Rumpel eats," said Arthur. "You have to eat more breakfast foods," said DW. "I eat lots of breakfast foods," said Oscar. "Name one," said Arthur. "Pizza," said Oscar. "Do any of us eat pizza for breakfast?" asked BJ. "None of us," said Binky. "Go on, Oscar." "Soup," said Oscar. "None of us eat soup for breakfast," said Tigger. "It's difficult cooking for you," said Fozzie. "You are a picky eater," said Eeyore. "I eat lots of things," said Oscar. "Like what?" said Slippery. "Pizza. Soup. Burgers. Hot Dogs. Macaroni. Tossed Salad. Lots of things," said Oscar. "That's not very morning-like, Oscar," said Roo. "You haven't said anything like juice or toast." "So?" said Oscar. "Mind your own business, Joeyface." "MAMA! OSCAR CALLED ME JOEY FACE!" yelled Roo. "Heh, heh, heh." said Oscar. "Don't be grouchy, Oscar," snapped DW. "You cannot just eat lunch and dinner," said Grover. "Agreed", said Kanga. Uh oh, thought Oscar. Here it comes again. Nag, nag.

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