[[Full name Oscar Murray Nicholls

Born 23 December 2000

Blood status O/Muggle-born (possibly)

Alias Oscar Tickles

Titles Priest

H.O member

Species Human

Gender Male

Hair colour Blonde

Eye colour Blue

Family (see Ralph Nicholls)


Boggart Blue light (in book series)

Wand (unclassified, able to peform charms without the use of a wand)


Cathedral School


Divinitation Church]] Oscar Murray Nicholls is a member/founder of HOSAWD and priest at Divinitation Church (since c. 2020). He has lived in Leichhardt, near a large Target Department, Concord, in Pelican Point, a building on Burwood Rd, in Kelso, in Llanarth, in Trinity (during fictional high school) and currently in Port Macquarie.


Oscar is the great-grandson of John Kennedy II, making him a possible descendant of JFK. His mother and father have been labelled "Muggles" (see Harry Potter Wiki) by Ralph Nicholls. Ralph appears in The Ralphie Show along with a puppet called Matey I-Am-A Rarity Rossity, or Matey for short, and makes a brief appearance in The Evil One Returns, an episode of The Campbells, when Oscar goes through the National Mueseum of Non-HO Supporters. Oscar is also a possible fourth-cousin-thrice-removed to Tim Campbell, an actor in a sitcom called Home and Away, as his great-great-grandfather was also called Campbell.


Three years after the Fourth Age began (see Timeline on Network Oscar), Oscar's mother, Johanne, became pregnant. Oscar was born at King George V Hospital, then taken to 9A Flood Street. Henry Gosper, Oscar's actor, who also starred in Oscar and Friends, was nervous about making a program entirely dedicated the ageless character, but by the time they worked on doing The HO Show, produced by Old Fox, another HO suppoter, they were all right.

Eight years later, Gosper decided on doing a show on Oscar's ancestors, but thought The Kennedys sounded too American, so they interveiwed Nicci Nicholls about her great-grandfather, and said that his name was Campbell, and chose that. The show's opening was similar to that of the show-within-a-show, Storm Hawks. They went through four takes to get it right.

Gosper liked it so much, he did a The Mystery of... series, succeeding the original World Trip and accompanying the Oscar Nicholls and the... series. When they decided to do a movie named after Oscar, Gosper was angered so much that he made an episode where Nicholls née Jeffery Urgent News merged with Yorgam Gross, company owner of show-within-a-shows Blinky Bill and Play School. The show is even set in a photograph album provided by the character to his nieces and nephews.


  • Oscar and Friends (1955-1962)
  • The Oscar Show (2000-Present)
  • The Campbells (2008-Present)
  • Oscar-Man (2009-Present)
  • The Oscar War (2000-2008)
  • Queensland Battle (2008-2009)
  • The Mr. Happy Show (2008-Present)
  • The HO Show (2008)


  • The Oscar War (2000)
  • Oscar Nicholls (2003)
  • The Adventures of Oscar (2003)
  • The Cathedral School Video (2004)
  • Songs from Cathedral School (2005)
  • It's O Time (2005)
  • Time to Play (2005)
  • World Trip: The Case of the Missing Dog (2006)
  • We Built this City (2007)
  • Oscar Tickles Ralph (2009)


  • Wakadoo Zoo (2006)

Film scripts

  • School Movie (2008)
  • Oscar Nicholls series (2008-Present)

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