[[Title Oscar Tickles Ralph

Release date June 24 2009 (25 December 12 OA)

Release country Oscarland

Running time 60 minutes

Budget 493,000,000 OS dollars

Language English

Distributed by: International NNJUN

Oscarland Oscarlanguage Film Productions]]

Oscar Tickles Ralph is a 2009 four-dimensional feature film produced by the Nicholls neé Jeffrey Urgent News film producers. The film will star Henry Gosper II as Oscar Nicholls, Edward Myers as Ralph Nicholls, and Mary Nicholls as Elizabeth A. Mary.


Oscar (Henry Gosper II) checks the Religion page on Wikipedia and notices Catholic is missing. He physically tickles his younger brother Ralph (Edward Myers). In Hades, Slovakia, Central Europe, Satan (Dual Screen) sees this as his chance to release another plan. He causes an earthquake, destroying Mount Khuitin and Mount Everest, melting the ice and flooding the Himalayas and Mongolia. In order to gain all the land, most of the Earth (except a small percentage of worldwide HO half- and full-supporters, Oscar and Ralph) is flooded, leading to a blackout. However, the now-clean countries emerge, except for the still-invaded Earth plates. A hurricane is then caused (a 10% stronger version of Andrew), causing all the damage at the Bahamas, Florida and Louisana plus a ten million-kilometre forward move of New York, becoming an island.

Meanwhile, the Beiing Express has been moved off-track, destroying the Statue of Liberty and a black hole at the Broadway Theatre, sucking in Ben Stiller and Shirley Temple and the New Amsterdam Theatre, causing McDonald's to go on a liquidator and Mickey Mouse to be "be-eared". When the wind spreads to London, the Beefeater's hats are spread off. Due to allergies, the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and Big Ben are crushed. The world ends up polluted and abandoned, but Vacuum (himself) cleans up.


  • Henry Gosper II as Oscar Nicholls: the intelligent, evermoving HO member who is in charge of "tickling" people. The main character in the film, for having a slight case of DI and for being in a large group which is not one of the four major groups, tickles his younger brother, Ralph. This leads the laughter being spread to and destroying Mt. Khuitin, the tallest mountain in Mongolia, setting the Beijing airline a quarter-way around the world and destroying the Statue of Liberty.
  • Edward Myers as Ralph Nicholls: the one who is tickled by Oscar and sends the Destructive Laughter around the world.
  • Mary Nicholls as Elizabeth Mary: the Queen of Britian whose mens' hats are swept off by the Destructive Laughter.
  • Dual Screen as the Devil Satan: HOSAWD's enemy who caused the Destructive Laughter and the reason of HO support.
  • The Microphones as themselves: a trio who are swept off-course on their holiday to Beijing.
  • Vacuum as himself: used for clean-ups owned in 5308 by Inky and, during that time, Oscar.

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