Oscar the Grouch is the main antagonist from Sesame Street.

He goes under the titles Oscar el Grunon (Spanish), Oskar der Griesgram (German), Oscar le Grincheux (French), Mar Ashpach (Hebrew), オスカー (Japanese) and Oscar de Nurks (Dutch).



  1. Oscar the Grouch/Thomas
  2. Oscar the Grouch/TUGS
  3. Oscar the Grouch/The Simpsons
  4. Oscar the Grouch/Toby
  5. Oscar the Grouch/Theodore Tugboat
  6. Oscar the Grouch/Winnie the Pooh
  7. Oscar the Grouch/Jack and the Pack
  8. Oscar the Grouch/The Little Engine That Could
  9. Oscar the Grouch/Diesels of Sodor
  10. Oscar the Grouch/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  11. Oscar the Grouch/Muppets
  12. Oscar the Grouch/Spongebob
  13. Oscar the Grouch/Barney
  14. Oscar the Grouch/Dr. Seuss
  15. Oscar the Grouch/Arthur
  16. Oscar the Grouch/The Berenstain Bears


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