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800px-Wildfires in Eastern San Diego East County 2007

Wildfires in Eastern San Diego County 2007

Other challenges that may be worthy of further exploration:

  • Reclaim land from sprawl by encouraging suburbanites to move into new higher density smart growth communities.
  • Encourage the builders of transit-oriented developments, who are required to contribute to open space mitigation as part of their development plans, to work with fire victims. Developers may be able to take the burned parcels plus financing in exchange for new housing they are having a hard time selling now anyway. Home values, livability, and safety in the neighborhood left behind are improved by way of more pocket parks and open defensible space on rehabilitated parcels.
  • Connect Green Spec Packages to incentives for different personal mobility options (FlexCar, Plug-in Hybrids, mass transit, etc.)
  • Raise the profile of green architects and designers in the region by hosting design competitions and shows. In particular attract the cutting edge of the manufactured home industry (significantly more Green than traditional on-site construction methods). Showcase the range of designs, quality, and affordability of 21st century manufactured or modular constructed homes.
  • Cultivate more collaboration between environmental groups, local planning groups, builder associations, lenders, insurers, and the Green Building Council to reveal business and social synergies.

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