These are characters from the megaman universe who does not have a large enough text to make a stub or a full page on this wikia. If you wish to move characters from this page and make their own pages, please put more into their bios and then you can move them.


Alym is Poweman.EXE's netoperator. She has a high level of patience, as she has to put up with Powerman's rants every day. She likes to swim, and she also likes to drink tea.


An evil navi whose only appearance was in the N1 grand prix in a match fought against Dallas Starman. Not much else is known about him.


A navi who specializes in the art of dodgeball, he acts as a mentor to other navis, and his speech is remiscent of wise asain kung-fu masters.


Taylor's navi. Known only for her esper-esque powers and helpful bits of information.

pink Gigagirl.EXE

A what seems to be a pink color swap of Gigagirl, she is actually Gigagirl's cousin. Her origins are unkown. She is just as hyper as Gigagirl, and she frequently talks in japanese, causing others to not be able to understand her. Some time after she was introduced, a translating computer was introduced as well to translate what she was saying so that others can understand her.


A green navi who seems to have the male version of PMS (Irritable Male Syndrome), he frequently likes to complain about anything and everything around him.He usually gets into fights with Burst, as he likes to start fights. He thrives off of drama.


Quickdrawman is a fast talking navi of unknown origin. When he talks, he does not pause inbetween words, causing him to string his words together very quickly without any pause, causing others to misunderstand him. His talking is reminiscent of Blurr from the original transformers series.


A child navi, who seems to have traits of both a vampire and a werewolf navi. She refers to Shademan as 'Daddy', which in itself, is pretty true. She sometimes breaks from her adorable psyche to philosophize, and often uses fairy tales and children's stories as examples or parables. I.e "You seem to be looking for a Prince Charming who is busy. You aren't a princess, though, you are a knight."

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