These are other enemies that appear in Author Fighters stories that may or may not be Darksides, but are viewed to be equally as dangerous.


One of Drake Digimon servants and formerly Gozermon servants, Onikagemon was a master of all ninja arts and one of Gozermon’s loyal followers, he was destroyed the first time when he used a special shadow technique which brought Brian’s shadow to life and used it to attack him, Brian couldn’t destroy the thing because destroying his shadow would destroy himself, but when he tried the trick on Darkmagicianmon used his magic as a shield and ended up creating shadows of himself and Shimazumon

And because their shadows tried to attack them all they could do was defend, suddenly the ground we were standing on started to open up from so much power on top of it, and Onikagemon, Shimazumon, and their shadows fell into the pit of lava and therefore destroyed.

When he was revived he was at first a mere pawn till one author fic changed that, and turned him to one of Drakes trusted servants leading in mission himself. he was destroyed a 2nd time in a Mortal Kombat tournament but Drake once again revived him, and because of said incident, Onikagemon becomes almost berserk when he thinks he going down a third time.

most of his jutsu appear to be based off greek mythology.

The Weaver of Idyllic Dreams

The Weaver of Idyllic Dreams is a Fair Folk cataphactus, or elite warrior, who appears as an ally of Drake Darkstar that appears in Fair Folk Assault.


Digimon Arc

Saggimon was known as the Dark Clown of the Digital World. He is a champion Level Digimon whose special attack is Dark Light. He along with DarkMagicianmon, and his Digimon brethren lived in the order of Magical Digimon. He's been known for his bad jokes that weren't funny in the least bit, and his dangerous practical jokes. One day he was caught leaking classified information to Gozermon, and was revealed to be the Warlord Digimon's Double Agent. He was then banished form the Order and from then on served under Gozermon full time. When Gozermon was first defeated during the Great Digital War, he went into hiding with the rest of Gozermon's followers until their leader had returned. Saggimon had been ordered several times by Gozermon to eliminate DarkMagicianmon and the Digidestines but always failed. While he was eternally loyal to Gozermon, he did have a tendency to act on his own when it was in his best interest. When the Digidestines sent Gozermon back to the Shadow Realm, he too went back into hiding until Gozermon had returned. During the Season 2 saga he continued his partnership with Gozermon until Drake Darkstar had been released from Brian, it was then Saggimon was casted aside and neglected. He grew to despise Drake because of how Gozermon favored him. Before the defeat of Gozermon and Drake The Digidestines defeated Saggimon causing his data to be deleted.

Author Arc

Saggimon was ressurected by Killer Rose's Reanimation Jutsu. While he was glad to be restored again, he was furious that he was brought back to serve Drake; the one person he despised over anyone. After the Fight in Odaiba between the Author's, Digidestines, and several other heroes, he returned back to Shadow Palace hoping that he Spirits of Darkness wasted Drake for good, but much to his dismay Drake was ok. He was then made temporary head of security, until Bronze Centipede, archnemesis of Iron mantis showed up offering him power. So Saggimon ment with Centipede's followers and was given the power to Warp Digivolve to his Mega Level EmperorJestermon. With such power he helpd Bronze kick Drake and all his allies out of Shadow Palace where Bronze took over, until they were defeated with the combined powers of the Authors, Darksides, and Antis.

Evil Energy Arcs

After his defeat and Centipede ditching him to work with Shade he stayed on the idea of controling evil energy. He learned about the Moon Sword and made plans to ensure he could get Evil energy b waiting for Ranger and Shade to battle eachother into submission. Once this was acheived he quickly over powered the exhausted combatants and stole the sword. He then utilized it and the blood of Hikari and Reki to unleash evil Energy and it bonded to him! Before it took full form however Ranger took the Moon sword back and with it battled the Evil energy and it's creations. EmperorJestermon had the evil Energy body slam Ranger to try and subdue him but Ranger awakened the sword and fought to the heart of the beast before squaring off with EmperorJestermon. Unforutnatly EmperorJestermon was to powerful for Ranger to defeat on his own due to the fact he was getting a boost from the Evil Energy. Shade joined the fight however and together he and Ranger over powered EmperorJestermon, resealed evil energy, and deleted EmperorJestermon.

The Draconian of Dark Lightning

The Draconian of Dark Lightning is a Deathlord, a powerful being created from the fusion of a powerful ghost and a subsidiary soul of one of the Neverborn (in the Draconian's case, his creator is He Who Holds In Thrall). He was created from the hun (higher soul) of Hurricane's Quill when he was killed by the Weaver of Idyllic Dreams during Fair Folk Assault. The Draconian fights HQ whenever he shows up, as well as any of HQ's allies that choose to attack him, making him "Sephiroth to HQ's Cloud," as noted by Rinoa. His weapon is the Fated Destroyer of Celestial Children, a soulsteel reaper-class daiklave.

From what little information HQ has been able to gather, he has been told that the Draconian has three deathknights bound to his service, the most famous one being the Reaper in the Shadows, a soulsteel grand-class grimscythe-wielding Day Caste. The Reaper's skills in deduction of abilities is uncanny, almost like a that of a recently-deceased detective from Tokyo, and as such is the Draconian's lieutenant. HQ wonders if he can turn the Reaper against the Draconian and make him a weapon against the dead that gave him power.

Lord Draco

A being from a realm ruled only by dragons, Lord Draco rules this Dragon Realm as its king. When Draco was still a hatchling, he heard of tales telling of humans slaying dragons. He had ever since hated humans and all who resemble them, hence his dislike for Darksides and Antis alike.

Lord Draco has the overall build of a human, but his hands are clawed, his feet have three dinosaurian toes, and he has the tail and head of a reptile of sorts. His horns spread sideways and curve backward and he has long whiskers and fiery, red eyes. He is garbed in black armor with red dragons etched onto them. He is voiced by Laurence Fishburne, otherwise known as the Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) and Morpheus (the Matrix trilogy).

Lord Draco, personality-wise, is a dutiful, dead-serious creature. He shows no fear in the face of his opponents, nor sorrow or joy. His anger shows when he battles a human-like character in the moment of battle.

Draco is one of the most powerful warriors that the dragons have ever known. Ever since he learned about the "heartless" acts of humans, he trained himself to kill them. He wields a sword, but is easily as powerful when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. His skill with a sword is so great that he can carve right through Nukid's art of Tekkai without effort and he can throw a sword like a boomerang so hard, it can act as a buzz-saw and not have to come back for minutes. His style of fighting is aided by the waist-length whiskers hanging down from the sides of his face. They detect changes in air currents, thus detecting movement.

Draco uses a special sword that can split along the sides to form either two swords or a dual-blade similar to Darth Maul's lightsaber. It was made from a material known as Dragon Steel, which is much harder than most blades made today. It received a powerful strike from another blade, but didn't get broken whatsoever.

Draco has control over a vast array of dragons, one of which is his favored mount: a giant bat-winged dragon. He has owned it since he was three and rode it since he was six. The mount will obey its master at all costs, using its powerful talons and jaws.

Lucifer (The Balance of Hatred)

Lucifer the balance of Hatred and Older brother of Ucha Nekome the balance of Life. Lucifer was the one who took the life of Hikari's mother Jinmay, he was going to kill her as well if not for two Unknown figures who sent Lucifer running. (Ross and Justin). Hikari had multiple encounters with Lucifer and each time she survived, but slowly Lucifer started to have other motives besides killing her. He began to lust for not only her power but her body as well. Lucifer calls Hikari by her middle name Reyelle saying it fits her better. Lucifer was described by Hikari as the devil himself and he lives up to it. Lucifer has also caused pain to Ucha as well. Normally twisting her mind to the point of breaking, if not for Ruka ucha would never be the same.

Because Lucifer wants Hikari to himself, he sometimes Allys with Drake so the rest of the Author Fighters are out of the way! However he also is the many Enemy of the Space Warrior's, since they have stopped him multiple times as well.

Lucifer also has the power to absorb others almost like Narkau to add to his power. He has done this to both Orochimaru and Voldermort. He has even absobed some of Hikari's mother (though Hikari has no idea of this)

He has also been known to have the planning capacity similar to that of Light Yagami's own.


Originally aligned with Drake Darkstar, Wraith temporarily possessed Alyssalioness (using his power over fear). He was apparently killed by Darth Ben Valor, but was revived by Screech in order to take revenge on Drake for killing Anti-TL. Wraith revived his fallen soldiers and took Screech in.

Wraith and TL have fought on several occassions. One of which was when Wraith possessed Hanabi the way he did Alyssa earlier. The two fought, but TL snapped Hanabi out by confessing his affection for her. Wraith then struck Hanabi a wound and caused her to pass out. TL then called Wraith a son of a bitch and went into his Feral Mode. TL managed to regain himself and spared Wraith's life.

Wraith never returned to Drake (even fighting and defeating him on one occassion), but was once allied with Shade, then Oldkid, the list goes on.

Wraith's personality is...unusual. At times, he seems to be a psychopathic warrior, other times he seems to be a mad thinker, and others...caring. When one of his group gets injured, he is quick to tend to them and promises vengeance on those who were killed in battle. He considers TL's Team Wanderer to be worthy opponents as well as a good number of the Authors.

Most of Wraith's powers are based on fear. He gains strength through it, he can control people with it, and he can use a sword to cause people to LIVE their worst fears.

Wraith is voiced by Willem Dafoe, otherwise known as the Green Goblin on Spider-Man.


A Fictorian who fell to evil many centuries ago. He was originally a team-mate of Ultimo, TL and D-Dude's sensei. Blacknova is tall: over six feet high, and wears a black suit, white shirt underneath, and a tie. He wears sunglasses that he never removes and his hair is brown, spiky, and tied back in a ponytail. His hands are metallic and covered in blade-like projections.

Blacknova's main goal is to bring Fictor into a "golden age" under his reign. To accomplish this, he must either defeat the current Ultima master or bring him under his control. Blacknova has tried, multiple times, to draw TL to his side, succeeding twice. However, the rest of Team Wanderer has always brought TL back.

Blacknova's main impression on Darksides is that they are fighting a lost cause, claiming that even Rasets will ultimately fail. Blacknova does NOT ally himself with Darksides, claiming that option to be "a desperate man's move", and he has proven his strength against the Author Fighters. On one occassion, the Authors were forced to ally themselves with Wraith in order to stop him. Although he has been dislodged on multiple occasions, he never seems to give up.

Blacknova has a unique personality. He does not kill needlessly, only going so far as to wound his enemies to the point where they can no longer do anything. He is unusually calm, taking insults (and blows) without a sound or a change of expression. Intelligence is also part of Blacknova's mindset; he will plan things out carefully before making a move and will out-think his opponents in any way he can.

Blacknova is also diagnosed with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and it can be seen in the way he adjusts the things in his office. He will adjust his lamp, pencils on his desk, and even his chairs after the subject of interest has left the room. He will even do stuff to his suit and body (adjusting his tie, cleaning his metal hands, etc.), but despite this disorder, he has been known to bloody himself up in battle, whether it be his enemy's blood or his own.

Blacknova possesses unimaginable power, including a superhuman performance (a douriki count of over twelve thousand), inhuman durability (able to take a Rasengan without a scratch), and a dark version of TL's UFO Blade. Blacknova's metal hands also have unique abilities; they can drain the life force of anyone in their grip as well as shut off certain brain functions involving memory (healing factors, powerful moves, etc.)

Like all Fictorians, Blacknova possesses and Ultima form: a massive, serpentine dragon with virtually-indestructible scales and the ability to breathe a fire similar in power to the Sharingan Art of Amaterasu. The only way to defeat Ultima Blacknova is to get in his mouth and blow him up. He has yet to reveal a second-state Ultima form (Redeye, Blaze-Vein, Demon TL), though some speculate that it could be even more powerful than the first.

Blacknova is voiced by Hugo Weaving, otherwise known as Agent Smith from the Matrix.

Syn or Anti-TSS

Syn was an Anti-author under Drake. Until one day he realized he was being treated as a slave. After that he worked tirelessly to become free of Drake's control. During Rebellion he breaks free and becomes an independent force working to destroy all Darksides. He sees Darksides as an impurity of the Universe, to him there should only be life and anti life. With him are 300 Dark Spartans controlled by a special glove. His Dark Spartans are fanatically loyal to him, worshiping his every image. He currently has a temporary alliance with another rogue Darkside, Jack Of Blades - whose interests match his own.


Ma-Ha-Suchi is not an enemy per se, but he is not a friend to any of the Author Fighters, especially to Hurricane's Quill. Originally a Waxing Moon priest known as "the Wolf of Red Roses" for his charming good looks, he looks nothing like that now. As HQ puts it, "Ma-Ha-Suchi is the closest thing you'll ever get to a chimera. The only reason why he isn't one is that, somewhere really deep down, he still has a slight hold on his sanity." He is forever locked in his war form, which is like a werewolf, but he also has the beard, horns, and cloven feet of a mountain goat. His voice has a disturbing silver bell tone to it. This is due to the fact that Ma-Ha-Suchi was permanently mutated by the Wyld.

Ma-Ha-Suchi makes his base in Southeast Creation, and HQ has only met with him once, in which HQ ended up arguing after HQ lost in a fight to a Solar Exalted who called himself "Tango." Ma-Ha-Suchi is very embittered over the Low First Age's events and says that the Dragon-Blooded are looking to emulate the mad Solars. Since then, he has made it his personal mission to help make Creation strong so that only their strong wills will help them surivive. Nobody knows why, but it's also said that Ma-Ha-Suchi hates HQ because he has a lover. But when this is mentioned in the presence of Lenalee and HQ, they will attempt to change the subject.

The hatred Ma-Ha-Suchi has for HQ is mutual. It's no big secret that Ma-Ha-Suchi uses his beatman forces to "cull the weak" in the villages in his territory, and HQ has twice come within an inch of shooting the mad Lunar in the face with Dragon Breaker. However, on both occasions Lenalee and Rinoa managed to calm him down.

Raksi, Queen of Fangs

Like Ma-Ha-Suchi, Raksi is not an enemy per se, but she is not on good terms with the Author Fighters or the Court of Daiklaves. Raksi was once a promising young No Moon Sorcerer who had mastered the entire Second Circle of sorcery before she fled to the Wyld during the Usurpation. Again, like Ma-Ha-Suchi, she was tainted by the Wyld, but her mutations are more mental than physical. Her fingers can bend over backwards, and she will ever retain her sixteen-year-old body. But now she is intent on learning the final circle of sorcery, and she's not particular on how she does it.

What makes her an enemy is that she actively engages in cannibalism.

Brutus and Jawser

Two Demons that have a personal vendetta with Crokis. They both look like crokis except Brutus is red in color and has bull horns while Jawser is taller in height and has a loose jaw.

Although they aren't real enemys to the Author Fighters, they hate Crokis since he rejected his demon nature, they also dislike Iron Mantis or befriending Crokis and Hinaten the Mew Pokemorph for stopping them from bullying Crokis.

The Face

The Face is a newer threat in the world of the Author Fighters. Not much is known about him, but he appears to be VERY intelligent in carrying out his plans. He is the main villain of "Author Fighters: The Face of Insanity".

The Face has blue hair with red tips, tattoos under his eyes that look like black slits, and often wears a mask that looks like a crude, laughing face. He also wears casual wear of all things.

The Face appears to be, as described by Dimensiondude, "Insane beyond reasoning". He hardly gets upset and laughs, maniacally, whenever he is in pain or in a situation. His main power is a huge amount of chakra, superhuman stamina, and a strange tattoo on his palm. No one knows its full extent, though.

He is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince, the voice of Piedmon on "Digimon".


A cruel man, thought his main rival Phoenix of the Darkness considers him to barely be human at all. About nine months before revealing himself to the Authors, he tried to take over another world, but was thwarted by a rag-tag group of heroes, and apparently killed. However, he has somehow returned, in an attempt to take control of the Author Fighters world, and eventually the universe. It was later revealed by Phoenix that while his body was destroyed, his mind remained intact, and Omega possessed a boy from Unity called Griffin. He now looks like a seventeen year-old boy, with golden eyes and blond hair, still dressed mostly in black.

Omega uses a variety of powers to fight. He is capable of using advanced Lightning Release Jutsus, manipulation of metal, he is a master of Kung Fu, is stronger and faster than most humans, has high stamina, can shoot energy blasts, and has the Power of Darkness (generally allowing for dark portals and magic). Recently, he has also learned Alchemy (however, he requires a transmutation circle) and some Earth Release Jutsus.

Personality-wise, Omega is extremely evil, going to any and all lengths to achieve his goals. He is severely sociopathic, not caring a bit about his evil deeds. Omega has a strange quirk of using metaphors for games, suck as referring to the last stages of his plans "The Endgame" and referring to himself as the "Game Master." He also believes that fate is unavoidable, which is the reason for his near-obsession with prophecy, following a prophecy to the word, without stopping to think about what a deeper meaning could be.

Omega is voiced by Kirk Thorton (Saix, Kingdom Hearts II)

The Genus

Alien mutants that can evolve from many things, they come in shapes and sizes, they first appeared when a meteor that fell from the sky and crashed in a middle of a desert. They only follow there leader Scopes and they don't lead to no on but Scopes.


Scopes is a intelligent being that lead The Genus to destroy human life in all dimension's. He once thought died on the moon but he was still alive in the Author Fighter's dimension during a battle some scientist's found the remains of Scopes and experiment it but the experiments made Scopes evolve back to his original size, he killed the scientist's, he found some pieces of a darkside and used them to creat The DarkGenus a monster with amazing powers. He looks like a red monster with a purple chest, tenticles instead of legs yellow claws and teeth, a face with a huge jaw, black eyes with yellow pupils and some tenticles on his head. He can change into many forms when he revives himself. Even if he dies many times get revives himself and many times the Author Fighters defeat him the more rage to the heros for revenge of defeating him. He does not care for human life or any life for that matter, he does not flinch when someone dies, he does not care to the person he kills, he will sacrivice his minions to destroy all and that makes him one of the Author Fighters greatest enemys.

Reigen Tenma


A new threat to the Author Fighters, Cepheus is the king of another realm. He came to Earth for "cleansing" purposes, which involves putting entire populations under his thumb. He will kill all who resist him, dark being or not.

Cepheus's current powers include near-limitless telekinetic capabilities, strength beyond any being on the planet, and speed to surpass the stars. He can seemingly appear at any place at any time without even leaving the ground. He can also wield a sword-like weapon beyond any living being's skill.

Cepheus also has twelve bodyguards. He claims that these beings are not for protection, but for his own pleasure.

Cepheus is voiced by Paul St. Peter (Xemnas on Kingdom Hearts II)


Capricorn is a bulky, ram-headed being that is extremely loyal to Cepheus. He won't take insults to Cepheus lightly, and will attack any who continue doing it. Capricorn believes that a flashy warrior is not always the strongest: as long as he gets to break someone's face, he's happy. He speaks in a gruff, mafia voice.

He is armed with a metal hand that can seemingly change form (he turned it into a machine gun and a plasma cannon) and be fired on a chain to either punch or grab enemies at a distance. Along with this, his skull is virtually indestructible, allowing him to use it as a shield or a weapon.

During Rise of the Celestials he was defeated by Fortune Glyph, who used his loyalty to Cepheus against him.

Capricorn is voiced by John DiMaggio (Hammerhead on The Spectacular Spider-Man).


Aries is a meter-high goat-man who is, by far, the second-best swordsman in the Celestial Order, the best being Cepheus himself. He speaks with a Brooklyn accent and wastes no effort to mock his opponents, which are often more than twice his size.

Aries is armed with a sword that is as long as he is tall, yet he wields it like the blade is weightless. He will use his sword to deflect bullets, throw it like a boomerang, and use it as a platform on a wall.

Aries also boasts impressive defense with his sword. He walked out of Ranger's curse seal mode without a scratch. This is mainly because, in order to get past his defense, his opponent would have to move at roughly the speed of light.

He is defeated by Ranger24, though the Twilight needed The Angelic Soldier's help to get past Aries' defense.

Aries is voiced by Charlie Schlatter (Ace Bunny on Loonatics Unleashed)


Sagittarius is a centaur that is Cepheus' main battle strategist and possibly the best archer the universe has ever known. He has a clipped, educated, British accent and is not easily impressed with his opponents. His senses are so good that he can hear a person's breath, see things that are miles away, and feel changes in air current.

Sagittarius is armed with a bow that can split into a pair of swords. The arrows he fires can be altered with magic that flows from different fingers. One arrow can turn into a blizzard of arrows, one can grow to the size of a tree, one will never miss its target, and one will explode like a bomb. When using two fingers on one arrow, he uses a combination arrow based on the same finger-tactic. In his other hand, one gathers information on whoever it hit, one carries a paralyzing poison, one splits in a trident formation, and one will go right through its victim.

He is defeated by Dimensiondude, who uses the centaur's own homing arrow blizzard against him with the Spirit Mind.

Sagittarius is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes (Luxord on Kingdom Hearts II)


Taurus is a muscle-bound, steer-headed monster with strength that is virtually unmatched on Earth. This was seen when he lifted a forty-yard wall single-handed. Taurus seems to be angry with everything except his own kind and will lash out at his attackers with utmost ferocity. His speech is unusually primitive, referring to himself in third person and using phrases like "Taurus smash". He'll give names to his opponents, an example being the time he called Shade blood "Dark Man".

Taurus is not only super-strong, he boasts impressive defenses. His hide is thick enough to repel bullets and even Dark Firaga. The bull's thick hide also possesses regenerative properties, allowing him to recover from wounds fairly quick.

Taurus was defeated by TLSoulDude, who went Demon Ultima to kill him (as it was the only form he had that could match Taurus).

Taurus is voiced by Fred Tatasciore (The Incredible Hulk on Ultimate Avengers).


Leo is Cepheus' top general, who bears the head, fur, and tail of an adult male lion. Personality-wise, he is calm in even the most dire situations and shows no fear of his opponent.

Leo is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, armed with sharp claws and teeth, reflexes to stun anyone, and physical condition beyond any human. He once bent a crowbar like a cheap spoon with his hand alone. He also claims to have control over his "inner beast", which is a saber-toothed lion creature the size of King Kong.

In "Rise of the Celestials", he fought The Shadow Syndicate and MistressofDawn and lost to Dawn's werewolf form.

Leo is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (Baron Mordo on Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme)


Pisces is the mariner of the Celestial Order, keeping an eye on the bodies of water in his world. He resembles a cross between a man and a strange fish of sorts, bearing an anglerfish's lure, a shark's teeth, a common fish's gills, and a moray eel's neck. His legs can also turn into a merman-esque tail. He speaks in a growling voice, using a gentlemanly tone at some times and a fierce, battle-ready voice at other times.

Pisces' sharp teeth and claws are his main assets in battle, his jaws powerful enough to break metal and saw through bones. His whole body seems able to produce and absorb electricity, and he can survive on both land and water. Even though he can breathe both air and water, he must receive water or else he'll suffocate.

He was defeated by Xemnas1992, who kept him on land long enough to suffocate him.

Pisces is voiced by Kirk Thornton (Kisame on Naruto)


Gemini are a pair of twins consisting of a boy with black skin and white hair and a girl with white skin and black hair. They have the same-colored eyes, though. They refer to themselves as plural beings instead of singular, which means they refer to themselves as "we".

Gemini has one of the most powerful durability powers of all the Celestials called the Bond Protection. As long as they don't get hit at the same time by the same attack, they will remain undamaged. A prime example of the bond being that the boy part of Gemini got hit with DarkMagicianmon's Dark Magic Attack and walked out without a scratch.

The boy seems to be the powerhouse of the two, possessing  physical strength beyond the Author Fighters. The girl is the opposite, able to move at high speeds, often faster than the eye can register.

It is also revealed that the boy and girl can fuse together to create even more powerful beings. The first is a black, muscular man resembling a Spartan who is clad in white armor. This being is inhumanly strong, wields a broad shield and a long spear, and is durable almost to indestructible.

There is another form that can be utilized if the girl takes lead of the fusion. This form is a white-skinned, black-haired woman armed with a pair of cestus. This form is inhumanly fast and a master of hand-to-hand combat.

Gemini is defeated by DarkMagicianmon and Hikari Ino, who merged together to form BalanceMagemon.

Gemini's boy half is voiced by Steve Staley (Neji Hyuga on Naruto) and the girl is voiced by Danielle Judovits (Shadowcat on Wolverine and the X-Men). The Spartan Mode is voiced by David Boat (Thor on Ultimate Avengers) and the Amazon mode is voiced by Alesia Glidewell (Lyn on Super Smash Bros. Brawl).


Cancer is a three-meter high crab-being that was given the rank of "Cepheus' shield". He speaks in a throaty, growling voice that hints murder. He will walk right into battle without any fear, part of this being his main ability.

Cancer's body is so dense that nothing can penetrate it. A bomb was dropped on him and he just walked out without a scratch. And it appears that he feels no pain, having not been affected by Shade Blood's "Blood and Iron". As said before, he will take all the time he needs in battle because he knows nothing can harm him. By digging his pincer into something, he can cause a bony growth to grow out from his elbow and slam it back in to deliver a force equal to an earthquake.

Nukid learned, the hard way, that his fists and Rokushikis could not defeat Cancer on their own. The crab even survived Nukid's Rokugan, stating that his whole body is like a bomb shelter. Cancer can keep fighting for days on end, reason being that he secretes no lactic acid and feels no hunger or thirst.

Cancer is defeated by Nukid, who drowns him under the ocean since the crab's dense body doesn't float.

Cancer is voiced by Steve Blum (Vilgax on Ben 10).


Scorpio is, by far, the oddest member of the Zodiac Royal Guard, resembling some kind of scorpion-centaur with another scorpion for a head. His voice is throaty, yet oddly high-pitched like someone with a sore throat.

Scorpio has four tails, each ending in a stinger the size of a watermelon. He has six pincers, each one razor-sharp and can act like giant scissors that are capable of cleaving a person in two with one movement. The contents of his stingers vary. The one in the middle contains a paralyzing venom that will cause any living being injected with it to go limp. The one on the right contains a powerful adhesive to hold people into place while he moves in for the kill. And the third stinger contains a powerful acid that can eat through stone like nothing.

Despite his appearance, Scorpio prefers a fair fight with his opponent. He has two statues at the entrance of his arena that limit his opponents to normal human condition.

He is killed by Airnaruto, who causes a pillar to topple and crush the scorpion's body.

Scorpio is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (Acid-Breath on Ben 10)


Aquarius is one of the few females amongst the Celestial Order. She is a beautiful woman clad in a dress that shimmers like water and has hair and eyes the color of the ocean.

Aquarius is the ultimate waterbender, being able to mold water into any shape she pleases from dragons to tentacles. She even formed orbs of water to try and suffocate her opponents. Often at times, she will use her waterbending powers to aid lightning-wielders or to help contain Pisces, who needs a good soaking to breathe. Her weakness is that she cannot bend water vapor or ice.

Aquarius is not easily impressed with her opponents. She will toy with them to watch them struggle, then kill them if they pose any REAL threat to her.

She is killed by Kitten Hachi-Chan and Lunatic 121, who tag-team against her and beat her with Kitten's Subzero and Lunatic's Rasenferno.

Aquarius is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Rosso the Crimson on Dirge of Cerberus).


Virgo is an oddity amongst the Order. She resembles a pale, brunette girl with orange eyes, blue robes with a star pattern, and a dagger sheath on her belt.

Virgo can possess her opponent's body to either kill themselves or to get by unnoticed in tough times. She is also skilled in the martial arts, as she can block a katana with a dagger alone. This dagger alone can unclip its hilt to become a flute that can lure her opponents into a state of illusion. While she can only control one person at a time, it's obvious she can protect herself by performing acrobatic moves even when playing.

She is defeated by Iron Mantis and Warlord-Xana when Xana possessed Mantis to get away from the tune, then sprang out and attacked when she was too close.

Virgo is voiced by Shanelle Gray (Larxene on Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories)


Libra is an otherworldly woman who has the title "Voice of Cepheus". She is mystical, metaphorical, and the best seer the Celestial Realm has ever seen. Her voice has an odd echo in it and is abnormally raspy and high-pitched.

Libra is, by far, a bizarre Celestial. She resembles a beautiful, black-haired woman clad in a robe the color of old blood. She has a slight gold hue in her skin, dark-colored nails that resemble claws, black lipstick, and a blindfold over her eyes. She also has a balance scale fused to her back, and her eyes seem to be on each end of the scale.

Libra wields a powerful ability: control over gravity. Her right hand increases gravity, making things seem heavier, and her left hand decreases it, thus making things lighter. She has made people so heavy that they create an imprint in the ground and has made people so light that they float straight into outer space.

Libra was supposedly defeated by X Prodigy and Roscoso's teamwork, but turned out to still be alive. She states that she will return when the Earth needs help the most, but when that is, no one can tell.

Libra is voiced by Candi Milo (Zodavia on Loonatics Unleashed).

The Six Terrors

Xeha-Rook and Xem-Drex

In a nutshell, Xehnaort possessing the Negative-World Version of Rook. How it was possible, but apparently, after Sora freed Terra from Master Xehnaort's grasp, he apparently found refuge in a merciless version of Rook (in other words, a complete monster) and possessed him, but realized the stuff he did was basically a slap on the wrist compared to this guy. Then again, the change was for the better considering Nega-Rook had long since submitted himself to the Darkness.

Oddly enough, his Nobody, Wandrex, has the disposition of Xemnas of that world, which makes it a deadly alliance since the both of them can pass off as each other, confusing the enemy. Sad part is, there is NO FragKing in that universe, but the man does wish to devour BOTH their souls.

If the both of them arrive, the Author Fighters might have their hands full. Especially when they try to take all the versions of Kingdom Hearts for their own.

Obviously, Xeha-Rook and Xem-Drex are voiced by Christopher Lee.


A powerful Unversed (a creature born from negative emotion, considered the opposite of human life itself) and the second Unversed since the original, Vanitas, to be born with human-levels of sentience and a human form. Usiku is the personification of the darkness and negative emotions within Edge's heart, given life and sentience when extracted by Emperor Azazel during his experiments and tortures against Edge. From the rage and hatred that Usiku felt, the scars on Edge and him from years of a hard life in Kiburi, Usiku created the first new lesser Unversed since Vanitas had done so years before and, succumbing to this rage and hatred by accepting it to be 'his fate', Usiku began to command them. After Azazel's defeat, Usiku took to the fray himself and tried to destroy a still-recovering Los Angeles and the Author Fighters with it until intervention from Edge resulted in the Unversed committing what was believed to be a suicide act, triggering the disappearance of him and his Unversed.

Little did the Authors know, however, Usiku had survived and, rather than dying, had been summoned by the mysterious God of Chaos Mana, Irritum, to his domain within the Manastream. Offering Usiku power beyond his wildest dreams, Irritum declared Usiku to be his 'reaper of death', infusing him and the Unversed that Usiku spawned with the tainted Manastream around them. It was after this empowerment that, now loyal to the God who had given him a new purpose (the destruction of the Realm of Light and, with it, the birth of the 'Realm of Chaos'), Usiku formed the malevolent organization known as the Infernus Gladiis: horsemen of the apocalypse who fought and killed under the command of Irritum and his fifteen Apostles.

Usiku is voiced by Steven Blum (Wolverine/Logan from Wolverine and the X-Men).

Usiku, like Edge, has a powerful tie with the Manastream and, with it, the ability to manipulate and generate Mana Energy. His primary affinities however, differing from Edge, are the elements of Blood Mana (the conversion of one's own blood into energy to use for attacks) and Fire Mana (the ability to generate and manipulate magical flames with destructive capabilities). Due to the infusion of Chaos Mana within Usiku by Irritum, God of Chaos Mana, Usiku is also capable of manipulating Chaos Mana Energy (the spirit energy of Irritum himself, a Mana element said to be the embodiment of death and destruction itself) and, thanks to a specialized seal marked on him, is capable of regenerating the blood lost in battle a set number of times.

Usiku's Mystic Form is, for now, in its second stage of evolution. In his first stage Mystic Form, the Flammeum Manticora (Flaming Manticore), Usiku's transformation is very basic: he is covered in a shroud of blood-red and fiery-orange Mana Energy, fiery demonic wings of flame sprouting from his back and a scorpion-like tail of a similar flame forms. In this form, Usiku's entire body is covered in a hybrid of Fire and Blood Mana, the shroud dangerously poisonous to touch and capable of burning through most substances with ease. The downside of this form is that overuse will begin to result in the effects of blood loss to take its toll. It also, due to the rapid division of the skin cells to repair the damage, shortens Usiku's lifespan, but by how much is unknown.

His second stage Mystic Form, created by Irritum, is known as the Infernalis Iræ Manticora (Infernal Wrath of the Manticore) and has far less of a side-effect. In this form, Usiku gains a similar shroud of Blood and Fire Mana, however Chaos Mana forms a protective layer around his skin as the base 'skeleton', preventing the burning away of skin cells and, thus, the need to rapidly divide and reproduce lost cells. The form also gains a more leonine appearance, Usiku's head taking the form of a fiery lion with a black mane of hellfire and glowing molten-gold eyes. In this form, Usiku's power levels are equal to, or perhaps greater than, the Chaos Predator form of Edge to the extent where its full potential is unknown. What is known, however, is that it is a nigh unstoppable juggernaut capable of destroying a city in mere seconds.

Thanks to training from former Infernus member, Sasuke Uchiha, Usiku is knowledgeable in the art of converting Mana Energy into chakra and vice versa, using its power to learn and master Fire Release jutsu (such as the Great Fireball and Great Blaze Ball) as well as the Rasengan, like his counterpart Edge, to the the point where he created his own Fire Release variant of the jutsu: the Rasendaifunka (Spiraling Great Eruption), a Rasengan infused with Chaos Mana and fire chakra to the point where it produces a sphere of fused hellfire and lava, capable of wiping out the majority of land in a five mile radius with ease at the cost of large amounts of Usiku's energy.

While Usiku did not inherit most of Edge's Leonine abilities, he did inherit Edge's retractable claws, that he rarely uses unless he is forced to engage in close-range combat without the use of his weapons.

Usiku, unlike Edge, cannot wield a Keyblade. Instead, he relies on wielding two sets of weapons: a pair of twin hooked dragonbone swords, infused with Fire Mana Crystals (granting them the ability to be covered in a shroud of flames as well as heat up the blade in combat), christened the Cruenta Unguibus (Bloody Claws); and a pair of falchion-like blades attached to long chains that, upon the weapon being summoned, fuse into Usiku's wrists to prevent disarming that, with the concentration of Mana, can be covered with a shroud of hellfire, christened the Ira de Diabolo (Wrath of the Devil).

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