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The following areas are all part of the Ficticious San Andreas used for the Coterie of the Crimson Shadow LARP.


Being spread across multiple islands, San Andreas has several major bridges to connect the metropolotan area. These bridges, from east to west, are;

  • New East Bridge, the bridge connecting the Oldtown and Hightown. The Old East Bridge was declared structurally unsound and replaced 10 years ago. The new bridge was literally built around and over the old, with sufficient clearance for the old to collapse "safely."
  • Center 2; Eastern street bridge in the middle of the map.
  • Center 1; Western street bridge in the middle of the map.
  • Industry Bridge; Highway bridge connecting the Hightown Island near Imboca to Industrial Town. Built to connect the industrial financeers of Hightown to their interests in Industrial Town, this is probably the best maintained bridge on the Island.
  • West Bridge; Westmost bridge, highway scale, from the north island near Ciudadela to Industrial Town. This bridge was built in the mid 50's. Initially it was built to handle traffic while the Industry Bridge was closed for maintenance, but it has been improved and maintained to relieve congestion on the primary connection.

There are two other connections, part of the subway system, marked in brown, that help form a general circuit for the primary trains. These are called East Crossing and West Crossing.

Mount Andreas

Mount Andreas

Located in the South Western part of the San Andreas islands.

Apparently there's a significant amount wrong in this section. If you know about the Mountain, please correct it.

Claimed as domain of the Jarl.

The area has a reputation for being haunted. During recorded settlement there have been a number of noctournal dissappearances recorded, including several recreational visitors during modern history. There are rumors of a huge bone-pit or pile hidden in a hollow somewhere on the mountain, containing the jumbled skeletons of both humans and animals. Whether this pit is real or a rumor is entirely unknown, though some suspect it is a remnant of sacrifices made by the native people in the area prior to recorded history. No known images of such a landmark are known to exist.

Despite, or because of, the rumored supernatural influence on the mountain it is a popular gathering place for some members of the local occult community. Some older and more experienced members of the community dismiss individuals who gather on the mountain.

The Circle hosted a gathering on the mountain August 25, 2007, during which they performed a rite celebrating the fall equinox.

Temple of The Esoteric Order of Dagon

Dagon hall

Fifteen minutes north-west of Little Salem, near the coast, stands a mysterious stone edifice. It stands in stark contrast to a coastal area with no other signs of human life. It resembles a gothic cathedral, but with a strange symbol above the entrance. It is unknown who owns and operates this temple or when it was built, all of which make it great fodder for local urban legends.

Stories say that strange sounds can be heard coming from the temple late at night. There are rumors of black robed figures passing through the area at night. Legend has it that a group of teenagers broke into the temple in the 70s and were never seen again. Rumors range from human sacrifice to worship of an ancient fish god. It is known that some group does meet at the temple, but many in the area think that it's a more benign secret society, akin to the freemasons.

The local Kindred know the Circle of the Crone take significant interest in this building.

Little Salem

See the Little Salem article under San Andreas Suburbs.

The San An Dam

SA Dam

The "San Andreas Water Management Structure" was built in 1938 to help provide fresh water and power to the San Andreas area, the dam creates an artificial fresh-water lake from which supplies of drinking water can be easily drawn. Several hydroelectric generators are built into the spillways, allowing the dam to assist in providing electricity to the area.

Fort Andreas

Fort Andreas

Established by the Army during WWII as a potential forward base in the event of a Japanese invasion, its primary mission has been communications and intelligence coordination for the Pacific since that time. The military staff and equippment at the fort are largely guards and analysts. The NSA has had a growing presence on the fort for the last dozen years, a likely reason that it has yet to show up on a base closing committee list despite its minimal nature and high relative security cost.

San Andreas Correctional Complex

Andreas Jail

Built in the mid eighties, the San Andreas Penitentiary houses some 15,000 local felons and around 35,000 "imported" felons from elsewhere in the state or nation. The Correctional Complex is rated to hold a population of up to 55,000 prisoners.

Talamasca House

San Talamasca
Talamasca House

Set on a hill just north of Oldtown but still outside the centers of humanity in San Andreas is a classical old house. The few observers who see the building for one reason or another find little remarkable about it unless they come to the very doorstep. Above a knocker which is a ring held in the jaws of a wolf the door bears a plaque stating simply "Talamasca." It is unclear if this is a family name, or a title for the house. Further inspection confirms the urban lore that the above the door is a decoration in the form of a stylized rose and that beyond that, in the "ceiling" of the space where the doorway is set into the building, is the Latin inscription Nos vigilo quod nos es usquequaque hic. (the generally assumed translation is "We watch and we are always here," though "We are awake and we are always this," has been considered a reasonable alternative.) The true ownership or use of the house remains unknown, and state ownership records indicate only the Talamasca name. All taxes remain paid, often with several years advanced payment on file, and external maintenance or repairs to the house are regularly contracted and performed. Few, if any, now alive can honestly claim to have seen anyone enter, leave, or within the Talamasca house- though most know of a friend of a friend or distant relative who claims to have once seen a scholarly individual arrive or a car leaving.

Casteel House

Casteel House

What's left of what should be a beautiful old Victorian stands silhouetted against the sky. These remnants sit about a hundred feet back from the road, behind a low brick wall and wrought iron fence that runs around the property. A lonely fountain sits in the middle of the lawn, the figure at the top looking forlornly at the road, waiting for some life to return to the old place.

Police tape has been removed haphazardly leaving hanging wisps of yellow plastic hanging from the hinges of the iron gate. The air is permeated by the lingering odor of burnt wood, cloth and plastic. The smell seems to cling to everything nearby. The gate swings open with the grating screech of metal on metal indicating the hinges are probably bent.

Most of the second floor and roof have collapsed, scattering debris throughout the first floor and out into the yard. What's left of the wall supports rise up out of the ground like burnt and blackened fingers grabbing the rubble, trying to pull it down into the earth. A stone staircase flows up and out of the debris, an intact monolith surveying the destruction below.

Thus has the Casteel House sat for seventy five years...

Happy Foods Packing Plant

Happy foods packing plant

This food packing plant is owned by Dr. Allen of the Carthians. God knows why. Some among the kindred whisper the rumor that the meat in Dr. Allen's food is people.

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