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These are the other members of Team Daiklave, an Author Fighter Triple Author Team consisting of Hurricane's Quill, Jean Kazuhiza, and BlackcatRin. This team specializes in taking out creatures of darkness, Darksides in particular, but they also chase what's called the Holy Trinity of Darkness: Fair Folk, demons, and the undead.


Nero DMC4


Nero (Devil May Cry 4) was recruited by Hurricane's Quill. A devil hunter in Fortuna City known for his mouth and his cocky attitude, Nero comes off as a total jerk. But he displays a softer side when he is with his girlfriend, Kyrie. When Agnus showed up in Fortuna City, displaying a powerful demonic side not seen in his original encounter, HQ appeared with the proposal to have him join the team to hunt down Agnus and his intentions. Nero accepted.

Nero has a number of weapons on his person. Namely, his trademark sword known as the Red Queen and his double-barreled revolver, Blue Rose. Blue Rose is supposed to be the inspiration for HQ's own revolver, Dragon Breaker. His right arm is also a weapon. Called the Devil Bringer, it is supposedly Nero's connection the demon knight Yamato, it has the ability to warp space-time for a number of abilities.

Seras Victoria

Seras (Team Daiklave)

Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria (Hellsing) was recruited by Hurricane's Quill by the suggestion of The Shadow Syndicate. Orphaned since birth, Seras is a nineteen year-old woman who was vampirified by the vampire Alucard when she was a cop. By Alcuard's suggestion, she was brought into the Hellsing Organization. She is also the one who vampirified TSS, and in order to help her get stronger and fully embrace her vampiric side while still retaining her sanity, TSS suggested to her and Integra Hellsing that she join Team Daiklave. When she isn't in her room at Hellsing headquarters, she is seen training with either HQ in weapons, Lillith the Owl Woman in martial arts, or Violet Song jat Sariff in the ways of the vampire.

Her main weapon is the Harkonnen rifle, which is more like a cross between a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher, which allows her to fire either depleted uranium shells or incindiary rounds. She has been recieving training from HQ to handle swords, though she prefers a quarterstaff as her melee weapon. Violet has managed to teach her how to release control state up to level 3.

The Comedian

The Comedian

The Comedian

The Comedian (Watchmen), whose real name is Edward Morgan Blake, is a patriotic vigilante that began his career in the 1940's, as a member of the Minutemen, then he started working with the United States government. He, along with Jon "Dr. Manhattan" Osterman, participated in Vietnam war, helping USA to win the war and also they're only legal vigilantes after the Keane Act, since Dr. Manhattan could be a menace to the Soviet Union, and The Comedian would infiltrate into a communist country and oust it's government. However, Blake became infamous for his nihilist attitude. He was recruited by Jean Kazuhiza into HQ's team, while HQ was fighting J The Pokemón Huntress and after realizing the real purpose of the Black Dragon Lords and Terek, his nihilistic attitude dissapeared forever.

The Comedian has no superpowers, but he's an expert in every use of weapons, short range, long range, and melee, making him almost of a one man army, he can also be used in spy missions. He's also physically strong and tough, and he's a powerful hand-to-hand fighter.



Lucy, AKA Nyuu

Lucy (Elfen Lied) is a diclonii, a race of pink-haired girls with horns, whose abilites are using vectors, invisible arms that can destroy or maim to death. She was used for experimentation by Kurama and his organization, she was tought to be dead after realizing her love for Kohta, however she returned to stay with him. Until one day, she received a mail from Jean Kazuhiza, which it was an invitation to join Team Daiklaves. Her naive personality Nyu was a cause of a several brain trauma, however, after defeating Kurama's soldiers, it seems to have dissapeared and sealed on Lucy's mind forever. She helped Jean Kazuhiza to fight Miyu Greer.

Lucy's abilites are her vectors, which can destroy limbs in a matter of seconds.

Rukia Kuchiki


Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki (BLEACH) is unseated shinigami or soul reaper in the 13th Divsion. She has pale skin and dark hair, she somehow manages to always keep a stray bang in between her eyes. She has a purple-ish eye color which at times looks as if they have some dark-blue in them. Born into an lower class, she retains her modesty, even as adopted member of nobility, but chooses to talk to ordinary people. She was recruited by BlackcatRin into HQ's team. She met BlackcatRin while rescuing Orihime in Hueco Mundo and helping her taking on the Exequias, along with Chad and Renji.

Rukia's zanpakuto is Sode no Shirayuki (means Sleeve's White Snow) a normal katana with a rectangular hand guard and reddish brown handle. Sode no Shirayuki has control over ice. And an expert on Kido and cable of hand-to-hand combat in her shinigami state, with augmented strength and also helpful with her high speed.




Sora (Kingdom Hearts) is wielder of the Keyblade. He's upbeat teenager and possesses a strong sense of justice and unrelenting heart, he's extremely loyal to his friends, but he seems simple minded sometimes, but realizes the importance of his quest. He was recruited by BlackcatRin into HQ's team, while helping him fight the Heartless while he was looking for Riku and King Mickey. He appears to be a natural swordsman, due to all the training against his friends on Destiny Islands.

Sora wields his keyblade with two handed style. He uses strong swings and slashes and powerful finishes on his enemies. Like his Nobody, Roxas, he also wields the element of Light as a weapon. He also well-versed in magic and his Drive form gives him an increase on his speed and strength.

Sora has four normal Drive forms: Valor, Wisdom, Master, and a powerful Final Form. He also has access to other forms when he combines with members of Team Daiklave.

Luna Form: Sora's Luna form is formed when he combines with Hurricane's Quill. When this happens, Sora's clothes turn into a bright silver and violet, adorned with moonbursts and the symbols of the five factions of the Silver Pact. Sora wields two Keyblades in this form, including a new one called Moonlit Hunter. The Luna form combines double Keyblade attacks with an intense form of parkour.

Elemental Form: Sora's Elemental Form comes from combining with BlackcatRin. Upon activating, Sora's clothes will turn a bright red with flames. Sora gains intense speed while in this form, as well as giving his magic a boost. He only wields one Keyblade, but the fact that the Keyblade is on fire does little to dampen his capabilities.

Honor Form: Sora's Honor Form is the product of combining with Jean Kazuhiza. When it activates, Sora's clothes become a bright blue and yellow. Like the Elemental Form, Sora only wields one Keyblade in this form, but now Sora has the ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat while still holding a weapon. And like the Luna Form, Sora also has some amazing parkour moves in this form.

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