Other members of Team Godsend are often professional monster hunters or combat artists. Ranger24 used to be on the team, but he and D-Dude didn't really get along. This resulted in Ranger getting sacked. Shadow Syndicate also left, but the vampire had actually resigned on his own free will. With Roscoso's Help, D-Dude found Chef Colette as a new member, and with Syndicate's help, Dimensiondude found Angelic Soldier.


Hellboy was the first to approach Dimensiondude about Team Godsend, accompanied by Raptor. The famed "Right Hand of Doom" has a general knowledge on monsters, a right hand made of stone, and his gun known as The Samaritan.


Raptor is a newer ally to the Author Fighters. He's six feet tall, weighs two-hundred pounds, and has several inhuman features. Although he has the all-in-all build of a human, he has scaly skin, three-toed feet, and the head of a Jurassic Park Raptor.

Raptor is armed with superhuman strength, reflexes, and stamina. He's able to lift ten times his own weight, is a master martial artist, and can survive injuries that could kill an ordinary human. He also has a heightened healing factor: he heals in one day what would take a person a whole week to recover from. This healing factor is fueled by adrenaline, so if he's tense or really worked up, he'll heal over quickly.

Raptor also has metallic claws that can retract and fire from his fingertips along with a switchblade that comes from his foot. Once, Angelic Soldier compared Raptor's abilities to Lady Deathstrike. This ended in a fight that Hellboy and D-Dude had to break up.

Raptor is a little on the gruff side. He had been that way since an accident that caused his current form, and he rarely accepts help from others.

Ratchet and Clank

The dynamic duo of their world, Ratchet and Clank operate as one being. When asked, they simply reply, "We're hopeless without each other."

Frost the Element

A sky-blue echidna that is Knuckles' long-lost brother. The experiment of a fiery being made him a master of ice, which he can create from his body and mold into various weapons.

Frost is voiced by Ian James Corlett (Cheetor on Beast Machines).


Soren is a Member of the Greil Mercenaries and is an Old Friend of Chef Colette.

After the events of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Ike left Tellius and the Greil mercenaries to travel to unknown lands. Soren, along with Mist, Ike's sister traveled to find their "brother"(Ike is like a brother to Soren.) After Mist was kidnapped by enemies of Team Godsend, he found us, Soren remembered Chef Colette when She came to Tellius. He needed their help to find Mist, so after convicing D-Dude, he joined us as a tactician.

Blaze the Cat

A Princess from another Dimension, a Pyrokinetic and Guardian of the Sol Emerald's. When an Unknown force sent the Sol Emeralds to our Dimension, Blaze followed in pursuit. When she first met Team Godsend she was uninterested in joining since she was busy looking for the Emeralds. But when she found out that Enemies of Team Godsend had the Sol Emeralds, and a little persuasion from Chef Colette she joined up.

Blaze was mostly lonely all her life thanks to her Powers. Because of this, despite her powers she can be a little cold and no nonsense attitude when dealing with things, but Chef Colette is trying to get the Princess outta her shell.

In power terms, she can create and manipulate Flames. She also has cat like agility and can run at speeds that could rival Sonic the Hedgehog. She also has a Super Form when using the Sol Emeralds called Burning Blaze!

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