Team Otherworld's, other than TL, Lucky, and Xem, include...

Hanabi Hyuga


Sylar started off as Gabriel Grey, a watchmaker in Queens. However, after Chandra Suresh found him, he believed that he was supposed to make a difference. THEN, he got turned down and lost his temper. He invited a man to his house and killed him for his telekinesis. Sylar then went on a killing spree, slicing open the heads of his victims using only his mind. He murdered Suresh to try and get a list of other superhumans.

After a series of events too long to explain, he helped the Author Fighters thwart Drake and traveled with TL. He was one of the founding members of Team Wanderer. As much as TL hated to admit it, he trusted Sylar. However, he promised to kill Sylar if he ever returned to his old ways. Sylar has seriously tried his best and became a member of Team Otherworld.

Abraham Sapien

Direct from the BPRD comes the empathetic fish-man, Abe Sapien. Abe was discovered alive in a storage facility with the label "Icthyo Sapien: April 16, 1867".

Abe possesses a unique frontal lobe. If he's touching something with his hands, he can see what has happened to it in the past or identify whatever it is. Abe is also amphibious: able to survive both on land and in water, though he needs a breathing apparatus to remain on land for long periods of time.

Donald Duck

Donald accompanied Xem direct from the Kingdom Hearts universe. The short-tempered duck is highly skilled in the arts of magic and wields a staff of sorts.


Member of the Titans East team, Aqualad comes straight from Atlantis and has looks to charm just about any girl. He is highly skilled in underwater combat, and can control water and the creatures in it as well.

He's also on pretty good terms with fellow Teen Titan, Beast Boy.


Team Otherworld got Kairi when Sora was chosen for another team. She's well-trained in the wielding of a Keyblade, but is more than capable of taking care of herself now. Like Donald, she's skilled in the art of magic: mainly healing and light spells.

When she's unavailable, she is usually on a date with Sora. Who else?

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