These are the other members of Team Ryche, an Author Fighter Triple Author Team consisting of Roscoso, Nukid, and X Prodigy.

Private Leonard Church

Church is a leader of the Blue Squad in Blood Gulch along with Sister, Tucker and Caboose, after the Omalley Incident. He was sent to an Outpost by himself for 14 months. Until Caboose and Agent Washington arrived. During an arguement with Caboose. Roscoso appeared and fought Both Church and Washington on their own, causing both of them to somehow use their Chakra nature, revealing Church's is Water. Because of his Ghost (Or A.I) abilities he can scout ahead without being seen and can even take over other people like Omalley could during the Incidents. After Team Ryche's training, Ross sent him on a six day journey where he under went even more training from the ghost of Zabuza at the Shrine of Apocho, the first hidden mist swordmaster, from there Church became the eighth swordsman of the mist, and wields the energy sword that originally belonged to Tucker, known as Irixyu-Jon, which has the power to counter illusions and reverse them. Another thing is that Washington believes that Church is the Freelancer Alpha A.I. which could cause Church to be a target of the Meta.

His known attacks are:

Water Style: Water Wall/ Water Style: Liquid Bullet/ Water Style: Water Clone/ Water Style: Water Prison/ Water Style: Water Dragon/ Water Style: Giant Vortex/ Water Style: Water Shockwave/ Water Style: Water Shark Bomb/ Water Style: Five Shark Hunter/ Water Style: Clinging Whirlpool/

Soul Exchange Techniques:

Agent Washington: Hurricane Vortex

Lavi: Lunar Waterfall

Kazuma: Shocking Hydro Bullet

Deathstroke: Fog Of Death

Bass: Drowning Misery

Nukid: Rankyaku Mizu

X Prodigy: Blackened Waters

Roscoso: Psycho Tsumani

Agent Washington

Washington is one of 49 special Freelancers that was outfitted with A.I's, Wash's A.I called Epsilon wnt insane because of the Memories that it was stuck with of the Alpha A.I's Torture Memories. Washington was somehow trusted with being a Recovery Agent. During this line of work, Washington managed to recover th Delta A.I. He also enlisted the Help of Freelancer South Dakota. To tackle the Meta, but South Backstabbed him taking Delta. Wash survived however and tracked down Caboose and Church to help him with the Meta. But during this they ran into Roscoso who fought Washington causing him to Reveal his Chakra nature which is Wind. During Training with the rest of Team Ryche, he has learned all the Jutsu used by Naruto Uzumaki. Including the Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Improved versions of the Rasengan such as the Odama Rasengan and Rasen-Shuriken, he also sighed a powerful blood pact which allows him to perfrom the Summoning Jutsu; the twin bears from the Land Of Echo, Kuma and Panda.

His known attacks are:

Shadow Clone Jutsu/ Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu/ Washington Barrage/ Rasengan/ Odama Rasengan/ Rasen-Shuriken/ Infinite Sandstorm Devastation/ Air Bullet/ Summoning Jutsu/

Soul Exchange Techniques:

Church: Hurricane Vortex

Lavi: War Machine

Kazuma: Shocking Clone Bullet

Deathstroke: Blazing Rasengan

Bass: Falzar Storm

Nukid: Multi Shigun Barrage

X Prodigy: Tornado Of Souls

Roscoso: Chaos Hurricane


Deathstroke is a mecenary for high who resides between Gotham and Jump City. He has only one eye after an incident in his youth, but has trained himself to use 90% of his brain, so is far more intellgent and lethal than most, in fact his trade-mark costume reveals this fact. He is an expert martial artist and uses weapons such as a gold and black plated sword, several pistols, knives and flash bombs. During a killing he made in Gotham, he was approached by X Prodigy, who gave him the offer to join his team. Deathstroke gave him the bargain of a one of one battle, if X won he would join, if he lost then he died. It was a long fight, but Deathstroke lost due to X's superior sword skill. Both were then ambushed by the Ghost Soldiers, and fought their way out. In the end, it came down to X offering him a large sum of money to join, in whcih case he accepted. Deathstroke's chakra nature is Fire, and through Team Ryche's training, can now use pratcially every fire technique known.

His known techniques are:

Fire Style: Fireball/ Fire Style: Phoenix Flower/ Fire Style: Hellfire Bullet/ Fire Style: Dragon Flame/ Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb/ Fire Style: Intense Pain/ Fire Style: Soaring Ash/ Fire Style: Grand Fireball/

Soul Exchange Techniques:

Bass: Breath Of Forte

Church: Fog Of Death

Washington: Blazing Rasengan

Lavi: Burning Collosas

Kazuma: Shocking Hell Bullet

Nukid: Kasai Soru

Roscoso: Hyper Inferno

X Prodigy: Insanity Bringer




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