Team Shield members use people who are used to fighting for humanity, with the exception of one.


Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man came when Lunatic offered him a job for Team Godsend. Wanting to help the people of New York City, Spidey eagerly accepted.

Spider-Man has the strength, reflexes, and agility of a spider. He can also spin webs for almost any purpose and crawl on walls like an insect.

A running gag for Team Shield is that, sometimes, Spider-Man poofs away when he is needed. This is because the web-head is one of TLSoulDude's summons.


Shrapnel is a gunslinger with enhanced reflexes, an accelerated healing factor, and as sane as Deadpool, which is slim to none. The key difference between Deadpool and Shrapnel is that Shrapnel doesn't just say random things. He cracks jokes, but like the merc with a mouth, he can break the fourth wall.

Shrapnel is excellent when it comes to guns. He has a seemingly-limitless amount of pieces and ammo, and he seems most fond of machine guns. But he does have a liking for grenade launchers and bazookas.

Shrapnel has three other friends: Shatterpoint, Iblis, and Crossblade. Yet despite his acquaintances, he has no girl to call his own. This is partly because of his insanity and failed attempt to be romantic. Still, he never misses a chance to flirt.

Shrapnel is voiced by Quinton Flynn, otherwise known as Axel from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Cougar Straight

Train Hartnet

Homer Simpson

Direct from the hit cartoon series "The Simpsons", Homer came to Team Shield for reasons hither-to-unknown. He may not be a most people think, but he's streetwise in the worlds.

Since he is deprived of his son, Bart, to strangle, Homer has resorted to strangling Lunatic. And he claims it's good sport, too.

Ben Tennyson (Ben 10: Alien Force)

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