These are character that appear in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends and The Book Article of Made-Up Thomas episodes.

Locations in the Island



Dibmouth Sheds are where most of The Mean Controller's diesels (Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Buck and Bob) live. There has a Tidmouth Sheds style from Off the Rails and fives spaces for Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Buck and Bob so where does Bluck and Bart. Lower Dibmouth Station station is sometimes used as the junction for Ballahoo

Sodor Scrap Yard

Sodor Scrap Yard visit the Scrap Yard for a smashing good time! Includes lorry and crushable scrap metal cargo. The Scrap Yard is home to Bluck and Bart, the two scrap-dealing diesels who work hard hauling and shunting scrap metal around the Island of Sodor, and Pinchy the Grabber, a crane used for transporting scrap metal to trucks.

Barrel Loader

Load your barrels into the waiting barrel truck at the Arlesdale Barrel Company! Comes with Barrel Truck with three barrels.

Cargo Transfer

At the Cargo Transfer, little engineers transfer cargo from road to rail while their vehicles activate both road and rail sounds when passing through! Transfer crane makes clicking noise as it turns. Knob lifts and lowers cargo. Includes two pieces of cargo, Cargo Truck, Flatbed and 2 road ramps.

Fire Station

The home of the Fire Locomotive. The fire station is used to supply fire trucks which project water in case of fire. The Island of Sodor is safe from fire thanks to the Fire Station. Turn the big red knob to sound bell and pop out fire truck from the station. Comes with fire train and fire truck with interchangeable hose attachment.

Special Engine Shed

When the trains of Sodor Island are weary from a hard day on the tracks, they head for the comfort of their sheds for a good night's sleep.


A train wagon passes right under the windmill to be loaded and unloaded with barrels of flour with authentic barrel-loading actions.

Sodor Gristmill

A house with a corn or flour mill, a blue roof and 2 white fences.

Sodor Log Loader

For Henry and his Forst Log Truck, the Sodor Wood Company is an important stop for gathering logs on their next run. The Sodor Log Loader features an opening in the back of the building for logs, and one of three logs will drop onto the Log Truck.

"The Works" Engine Repair Shop

This is the perfect place to send an engine in need of repair. Peek through its see-through roof as the busy crew below prepares for another day. Doors open and close on both sides.


Every night the engines retire to the roundhouse at the end of a long, hard day of work.

Sodor Cargo Crane

Lifting and hauling cargo is important work. Thomas is quick to deliver and pick-up cargo thanks to the Sodor Cargo Crane.

Barrel Loader

Load your barrels into the waiting barrel car at the Arlesdale Barrel Company!

Sawmill with Dumping Depot

Thomas the Tank Engine and his many friends will enjoy making endless deliveries to the sawmill and operating the buzzing saw and spring action loader that split the special logs.

Stop and Go Station

Between Thomas and all his friends, the Sodor Island train line can get mighty busy. The prudent young railway operator who wants to avoid accidents can look to this traffic regulating station to keep things running smoothly.

Sodor Engine Wash

A train must look his best at all times! Foam grips automatically pull engines through the Engine Washer.

Grain Loader

Lift and load cargo, move grain, barrels, logs and more!

Coal Station

Includes 2 coal trucks with removable coal pieces. Lift coal and spin it over to the top of the station. Run the conveyer then watch the coal drop into waiting trucks for delivery!

Bridges and Tunnels

Arched Stone Bridge

The elevated bridge allows little engineers to weave track underneath to add more dimension to track layouts. The train must get through and the Arched Stone Bridge lets Thomas and his friends carry on over rivers, streets and other rail lines.

Single Stone Tunnel

Little engineers can take Thomas and Friends through the colour Single Stone Tunnel time and again on their way to new adventures.

Tidmouth Covered Bridge

Travel under cover and above land in the elevated Tidmouth Covered Bridge.

Rolf's Castle Bridge

Thomas and his friends visit Rolf's Castle! Dare to raise the gate, cross the moat, and duck through the swinging door. A journey to Rolf's Castle Bridge in the hills of Sodor is always a fun and exciting adventure!

Lifting Bridge

This lifting bridge has solid brick pilings, green plastic steel beam bridge railings, and a simple winding mechanism (driven by a hidden string pulley) for raising the bridge deck. Since a section of rail line goes underneath, this can't be for allowing the passage of tall-masted yachts, but it would be ideal if Percy was towing a truck containing an upended dog biscuit. It also has a control tower and two swinging stop sign barriers. Two stop signs keep trains off the bridge while it's raised.

Sodor Bay Bridge

Over 3 feet long with bright blue tressles, the Sodor Bay Bridge lets Thomas and his friends cross large bodies of water! Can be used as a single or double span bridge. Frighteningly high above a deep ravine, Thomas the Tank Engine peers over the edge, wondering how he will get to the station on time. He's saved only by the immediate construction of a bridge that gets him clickity-clacking across in no time.

Mountain Tunnel

The Mountain Tunnel is striking. It's the largest bridge, and tunnel combination in the line, and boasts of three levels of play. The first is a tunnel, which is on the ground level. The second is a tunnel crossing at mid-level, and it connects to Ascending Tracks on both sides. The highest level is the mountain bridge that runs perpendicular to the tunnels, and crosses over them at the top. The mountain climbs to 6 1/2" at its peak, and runs 30" in length, which is about the length of a small umbrella.

Curved/Arched Viaduct

The Arched Viaduct is a beautifully detailed stone structure. You can make Thomas and his friends go up, curve around, and go back down again while another train or boat passes underneath the curved arches.

Sodor Suspension Bridge

The trains are able to travel once again. This action-packed bridge is inspired by the "Calling All Engines!" video, in which the bridge is damaged by a storm, but the Steamies and Diesels are able to work together to repair it.


It's time to raise the Drawbridge! Thomas and his friends have important deliveries to make on the other side of the bridge. The drawbridge raises so trains can pass safely under the bridge.

Knapford Covered Bridge

Travel through the Knapford Covered Bridge. The Knapford Covered Bridge takes little engineers up, over and through.

Sling Bridge

The Sling Bridge raises and lowers to allow control of the railways and make sure all engines are putting in a useful day of work.

Quarry Mine Tunnel

Engines disapper into coal mine tunnel and magically reappear through a secred door! Door swings open when engine appears after decending the tunnel.

Castle Clock Tower

Clock Tower is the newest addition to the Island of Sodor. Turn the roof to raise and lower drawbridge with signature "ratcheting" sounds; at the same time, clock arms move to tell time.

Waterfall Tunnel

Thomas & Friends pass through the Waterfall Tunnel for a refreshing break. During the hot days of summer on the Island of Sodor, the engines put in a useful day of work in the heat and need a pass through the tunnel to cool off. Turn the knob to see the "water" flow! On other side watch trains pass through open mountain window.

Toll Booth Bridge

Links road and track! Feature road on bottom and track on the bridge. Raise and lower arm to pass vehicles through.

Holiday Tunnel

Holiday Tunnel is a wonderful addition to the magical world of Sodor. Thomas is rollin' into town for the holidays

Suddery Swing Bridge

Discover new bridge fun on Sodor with the Suddery Swing Bridge! This action-packed bridge rotates, and the gates magically rise to prevent engines from falling. Stop Signs automatically pop up to direct traffic. Bridge is designed to have engines travel above or below: two levels of action!

Mountain Overpass

At the Mountain Overpass, roadway vehicles climb over the mountain bridge and trains pass through the tunnel. This exciting road and rail overpass are all activated by passing vehicles!

Sodor Jail:

Sodor jail is a place where evil trains are at like Diesel or Judge Judy the evil diesel are not good guys that was the police diesels place

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