On This Page you can put up your fanmade Tiny Toon Adventures Episodes that can be based on episodes of Family Guy, The Simpsons and Futurama soo do you have any Episode ideas?


The Episodes have been put into Groups by the Writers

Season 4(Made By TUGSfan66/TrainBoy12)

  • Title = BTV
  • Original Air Date = Augest 4, 2009
  • Prod Code = WB393
  • Episode Number = 1
  • Episode Number 2 = 401
  • Short Summary = The FCC censors TV after the Mel Gibson inserdent, Buster(with Pluckey, Hamton and Furball) then makes his own TV station called BTV that has all the Sex, Sweering, Nudeity and Violence that TV "Intended", Until the FCC censors Acme Acres.

  • Title = I, Rabbit
  • Original Air Date = Augest 11, 2009
  • Prod Code = WB394
  • Episode Number = 2
  • Episode Number 2 = 402
  • Short Summary = Arfter causeing a flood, Buster is convinced he should move out, so he moves into Pluckys R.V. but then moves out after staying there for a week. Busters luck begins to chang when he get his hands on the kays to Fifis late uncles apartmant.

  • Title = Diamonds Are A Dogs Best Friend
  • Original Air Date = Augest 25, 2009
  • Prod. Code = WB395
  • Episode Number = 3
  • Episode Number 2 = 403
  • Short Summary = Busters family dog Brian moves back in to his familys house and Furball is kicked out. Buster then helps Furball to be strong and tough to get his place back.

  • Title = Retarded Family Reuoinion
  • Original Air Date = Augest 30, 2009
  • Prod. Code = WB396
  • Episode Number = 4
  • Episode Number 2 = 404
  • Short Summary = This episode contains three shorts.

My Sister, The Bich: Busters older sister Ruby come back home from collage, and Buster revialed why he trys to have her murdered.

Sound of Sex: After nine mounths, Busters little brother Stewie is born and it looks like Stewie has evil plans up his sleves.

To Gay, Or Not To Gay: Busters gay cousion Mike comes to stay for a while, but is kicked out after a week.

  • Title = Das Train
  • Original Air Date = September 5, 2009
  • Prod. Code = WB397
  • Episode Number = 5
  • Episode Number 2 = 405
  • Short Summary = Buster, Babs and their friends get marooned on a iseland after the train they were on falls into the sea, meanwhile Stewie unleashs a plan to destroy the tooth fairy.

  • Title = Diamonds Are Not Forever
  • Original Air Date = September 15, 2009
  • Prod. Code = WB398
  • Episode Number = 6
  • Episode Number 2 = 406
  • Short Summary = Buster meets A-list cartoon stars Tom & Jerry only to find that ther carrier has been ruined so decides to help them get ther carrier back, meanwhile Plucky is put under house arrest after hit a women that he thought was a man.

  • Title = Shipwreckers
  • Original Air Date = September 19, 2009
  • Prod. Code = WB399
  • Episode Number = 7
  • Episode Number 2 = 407
  • Short Summary = After being fired, Buster gets a job at Aloha cruise lines and becomes comadore in one week, Meanwhile Stewie falls in love with his babysitter and finds out she has a boy friend.

Special Episodes

Season 5

  1. fifierella

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