Our Epic Show is a YouTube series that will debute on 5/12/2014


The show is all about 4 Best Friends getting together after school & hangs out at either the school yard, drama club, the pizzeria, bowling or Tony's house

Our Epic Show Cast

Tony Anderson - A 17 year old boy, the oldest son of Peter & Kelly Anderson, the oldest brother of Sandy Anderson & a huge Barney, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Sesame Street & Spongebob Fan

Eric Sanders - Tony's Best Friend since Pre-K & enjoys comedy. He's 17

Sam Hayden - Tony's other Best Friend since 2nd Grade, enjoys rock & 17

Fred Yvone - Tony's other Best Friend since 9th Grade, has a rock band with his 3 brothers & 17

Sandy Anderson - Tony's little sister who is really into fashion & is 12

Kelly Anderson - Tony's mother that loves & supports Tony & Sabrina

Peter Anderson - Tony's father that has a father & son bonding experience

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