Our Gang, also known in Cartoon Network as The Little Rascals: The Animated Series, is an American animated television series based on the classical "Our Gang" series of short films from the 1920s through the 1994 film of the same genre produced by Nelvana. The cartoon series was produced entirely in the United States, Nelvana only did the digital ink and paint. The cartoon's animation parodies to that of Canadian animation, which was popular around now since Cartoon Network has allowed Canadian programming like Total Drama, 6teen and Sidekick to be part of their programming lineup.

The series aired in August 12, 2012 as a "new" weekly series. The music score is the same from the 1994 movie. The series' backup segment is "The Thief Crew" which shows many thiefs working together.


Sam Register, an animator for Renegade Animation, collaborated with Canadian animator Tom McGillis to produce a revival of the Little Rascals but in animated form just like the Christmas special in 1979 and the 1982 animated series. The series was originally going to be a sitcom but it was discharged due to not being much funny for children characters.

Originally the cast for the 1994 film were to reprise their roles, but since all of them have grown through puberty and are now in their mid 20s or younger, they were canceled. Most of the cast in the show are child actors or teenagers.


The Little Rascals

The show was divided into three segments: two Little Rascals and one The Thief Crew cartoon. One rare occasions it's vice versa. The cartoon will be tagged with the line "Filmed in Nelvanimation" because the shorts were produced in Nelvana, plus the cartoon's art style is based on Canadian animation. Each episode will be billed as a cartoon to anyone that the episode is censored on such as if Alfalfa and/or Spanky is the protagonist of the episode, it's billed as "An Alfalfa & Spanky Cartoon".

  • Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer: The main protagonist of the series, one of the luckiest kid in the show, known for his cowlick and his ability to wiggle his ears. He is voiced by Logan Grove, who plays Gumball on The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • George "Spanky" McFarland: Alfalfa's best friend since infancy. He is the judge and leader of the He-Man Women Lovers Club, an organization made by the children of Everbright. Spanky is known for his distinguishing cap. He is voiced by Dylan Riley Snyder of Kickin It.
  • Darla Jean Hood: One of the first female members of the club. She is Alfalfa's love interest and is sweet and has a natural talent for ballett. She also seems to adore ponies. She is voiced by Jessica McDonald who does most of the female child roles in Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Matthew "Stymie" Beard: Spunky's right-hand man and closest pal who takes several of the rules seriously and always tries to sets some of the people straight. He is voiced by Tyler Jackson Williams of Lab Rats fame.
  • Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas: One of the youngest members of the club, he is a clumsy and funny looking character who always has a habit of making funny laughter and usually gets in trouble with his friend, Porky. He is voiced by Kwesi Boyake of Amazing World of Gumball fame.
  • Eugene "Porky" Lee: One of the youngest members of the club, he is very dim witted and slowly challenged and usually gets into trouble with his friend, Buckwheat. They work together like Laurel & Hardy. He is voiced by Zachary Gordon of Diary of a Wimpy Kid film.
  • Billy "Froggy" Laughlin: One of the members of the team. He speaks in a Popeye-esque frog like voice due to a faulty tonsilectomy. He has a passion for amphibians. He is voiced by EG Daily.
  • Tommy "Butch" Bond and Sidney "The Woim" Kibrick: Two of the greatest bullies who tried to take down the club. Butch is voiced by Jaden Smith and Woim is voiced by Brendan Meyer.

The Thief Crew

A backup segment for the Our Gang cartoon series. The concept for the plot is similar to Evil Con Carne and League of Super Evil. The segment is about a team of supervillains that work together for world domination but has been stopped by a superhero. Two Our Gang cartoons appear sandwiching one The Thief Crew cartoon per episode and on rare occasions, vice versa. Unlike Our Gang, each character does not have a cartoon, even though it focuses on a character, it will always be billed as "A Negaclaw Cartoon". A tag appears saying "Now in Craigimation" since the art style is based on animator, Craig McCracken.

  • Negaclaw: The main antagonist of the series. At the age of 22, he is the arch-nemisis of Captain Comet and his hand was killed by the superhero during a battle and his left eye was dead black, causing him to get revenge in which he replaces his hand with a mechanical one. Scott McCord voices him.
  • Lorenzo Suave: Negaclaw's right hand man, who is 47 years old. He is the humble servant of Negaclaw of British descent who knows martial arts and is a good combat fighter. Lorenzo would usually sip a cup of tea before doing anything. Terry McGurrin voices him.
  • Doctor Freakout: The professor to Negaclaw, who has a Jekyll-Hyde situation. Whenever he sees a crystal, he transforms into a human doctor but whenever he sees an emerald, he transforms into a devil-like green skinned menace. He makes the weapons for Negaclaw. Maurice LaMarche voices him.
  • Suzie Longstin: Negaclaw's secretary and female friend who is always seen sucking a pacifier, wearing a baby bonnett and always wears a diaper over her skirt. She is the second youngest at the age of 16. She has a baby-like appearance because she was punished after an unconfirmed incident and ever since then, she liked her new look. Never spoke, she talks by sucking her pacifier which changes. Nancy Cartwright does her voice.
  • Nostralius Captori: A bodyguard to Negaclaw. Once an accountant, he gained a mystical disease that caused his nose to swell up. It swelled up so bad that it became big and bulbus. The disease was permanent and he could not cure it. Now, he joins Negaclaw's team and helps protect the team. He is one of the only people who understand's Suzie's pacifier sucking and even took out her binky. Nostralius does not talk much due to rarely being on the screen. Peter

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