At Morning,I Was Asleep At My Bed,Soon I Look At My Camera And See.Hello,I'm Samantha Brech,Today I'm Going To Rocking Horse Ranch Resort With My Friends At My School.I'm Just Get Breakfast Right Now.I Get Up Out Of My Bed And Having Breakfast.Breakfast Here I Come! After My Breakfast,I Packing Up For The Rocking Horse Ranch Resort Vacation And I Ready To Go.Here We Are At The Car,I'm On My Way To Go Pick Up My Friends From Fairview School.We're Going To The Rocking Horse Ranch Resort For School Class Vacation Trip.I Have A List Of My Friends At Fairview School I Have.Let's Go!

  1. Olivia
  2. Nikko
  3. Jaden
  4. Daniel
  5. Christhoper
  6. Daniel
  7. Abraham
  8. Taz

Hello,We're On Our Way To Rocking Horse Ranch Resort,I

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