The Imperial Republic is a fairly major faction within the outer reaches of the local solar system beyond the Main Belt (i.e. the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter). It is the dominant faction within the two groups of Trojan asteroids in the planetary orbit which Jupiter uses to move around the Sun. Due to the imense radiation fields surrounding the giant gas giant planet Jupiter, there are very few organic beings living on the Jovian moons, but there are thousands of A.I. robots and computers living on these moons. The A.I. machines are divided into three main factions: those that are de facto part of the Imperial Republic, the anti-Imperial Republic faction known as the Jovian Free Machines, and the more neutral but independent Jovian Cyber Republic.

The moons of the gas giant planets Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and the Centaur asteroids between Jupiter and Neptune's orbits are politically divided between the Imperial Republic and the Outworlds Alliance, a coalition of colonies, spaceship fleets, and semi-independent states. The Outworlds Alliance controls the planet Pluto and it's moon Charon, and divides control of the ice-and-rock asteroids of the Kuiper Belt with dozens of independent states, spaceship fleets, and pirates.

Government of the Imperial Republic in the outer solar system is directly by the Imperial Republic Security Force.

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