The Outworlds Alliance is a major power in the universe of the Void of Earth's Solar System. It is a rival with the United Earth Regime and the League of Planets over the control of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it's traditional control of the Kuiper Belt is the way outer solar system is contested by the Empire of Spectra. Is is actually a loose federation of local governments who appoint a Central Alliance Assembly, which can only pass binding laws with a two-thirds vote, and Assembly members are appointed by local governments, which range from extremely democratic to near-totalitarian in nature. The Outworld Alliance's military is actually made up of the paramilitary forces of local member states volunteeered to the central Alliance regime. The Alliance was formed 850 years ago to provide a degree of law and order to the Outer planets in VESS and Kuiper Belt in VESS, but the fear by local regimes of overcentralized political power caused the founding charter to limt the central government's powers. Member states of the Outworld Alliance will occasionally fight each other with paramilitary forces, though concerns with the common enemy (United Earth Regime, League of Planets, and Empire of Spectra) keep such intra-Alliance fighting between member states to a minimum.

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