1. Do not steal my electric fan.
  2. Everything's a secret.
  3. Do not edit anything.
  4. Be quiet.
  5. Hurry up.
  6. Give me some food!
  7. Do not close anything!
  8. Don't be lazy
  9. Check out TUGS/Sesame Street.
  10. Do as I say.
  11. Use your words!
  12. Love me
  13. Stay out of my office
  14. Beep the horn if someone is in your office.
  15. Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Don't interrupt me.
  17. No fun for anyone.
  18. Draw cartoon shows.
  19. Make a comic.
  20. WEE-OO, WEE-OO, WEE-OO (Pick up your trash, please!)
  21. Hug instead of punish.
  22. Be yourself
  23. Don't read
  24. No wolf whistles.
  25. No singing.
  26. If the phone rings, answer and say Wrong Number
  27. Don't tell me what the surprises are.
  28. ZIP IT
  29. Don't sing
  30. Don't dance
  31. Don't fight
  32. Don't lie
  33. Don't practice
  34. Don't get along
  35. Don't be rude
  36. Now, there are no rules for me to type. FlyingDuckManGenesis and BrittAlcroftFan and DonaldDouglas910 must help.

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