AnimatedFan195's movie spoof and human style of DreamWorks' 2006 computer-animated comedy film "Over the Hedge"


  • RJ - Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Verne - Kristoff (Frozen)
  • Hammy - Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
  • Stella - Cassandra (Tangled: The Series)
  • Lou - Wreck-It Ralph
  • Penny - Merida (Brave)
  • Bucky, Quillo and Spike - Mason (Toy Story That Time Forgot), Angry (w/ Red) (Tangled: The Series) and (I'll wait for another younger sibling (maybe in Olaf's Frozen Adventure) to be in some future spoofs)
  • Diamond Destiny as herself (Bucky, Quillo and Spike's younger sister)
  • Ozzie - Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)
  • Heather - Robyn Starling (Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
  • Tiger - Maui (Moana)
  • Vincent - Hans (Frozen)
  • Gladys Sharp - Mirage (Aladdin (TV Series))
  • Dwayne LaFontant - Cat R. Waul (An American Tail: Fievel Goes West)
  • Nugent - Mr. Jones (Toy Story of Terror!)