Overloaded Train is the fourth episode of the third season of Thomas' Railway Adventures.




Thomas (cameo)

Edward (cameo)

The guard

Henry's driver

Alice and Mirabel (doesn't speak)

Sir Topham Hatt



Jock (cameo)

Bert (doesn't speak)


Narrator: It was a busy day on the Island of Sodor and every little engine has their own branchline. Thomas goes to Ffarqahur, Edward goes to Wellsworth, and Duck goes to Arlesburgh, where the Small railway lived. One day, Duck was shunting trucks at Timouth and Henry was there with a long heavy train.

Duck: Hello, Henry, want some help?

Henry: No thank, you Duck, I can manage.

Duck: Why can't you go on branch line's It'll be a nice change?

Henry: Sir Topham Hatt will never approve, branchlines are vulgar.

Narrator: That night, Henry was at Knapford station. Duck was with Alice and Mirabel. No one noticed that Henry was still uncoupled, then the guard blew his whistle and Henry set off leaving the guard, the coaches and the passengers on the platform and his driver looked back.

Henry's Driver: Whoa! Back we go, we left our train behind.

Narrator: It was a few minutes late to start duck's train. The signalman accidently put Duck on the mainline and Henry was on his branch. His fireman put out his fire and Henry went to sleep. The next morning Rex and Mike peeped into the yard next morning with some ballast trucks. They wondered Oliver brought cars for them but there were no cars but they didn't mind that. Then they noticed Henry and they wondered what Henry was.

Mike: Who's that?

Narrator: asked Mike loudly.

Rex: Shh. It's Henry.

Mike: It looks like Henry but it can't be. He never comes on branchlines.

Rex: He thinks them vulgar. I know, he'll must be a pile of old iron, which we better take it to the scrapyard.

Mike: No, Rex, this log is useless for scrap we better take it to the harbor and we'll dump it into the sea.

Narrator: Then Henry felt alarmed.

Henry: Wait! I am Henry. Stop! Stop!

Narrator: But Rex and Mike payed no attention. Rex and Mike argued loud and long. Rex favored the scrapyard while Mike favored that Henry was a log. Then Oliver arrived with some trucks.

Henry: Oliver please save me!

Narrator: Oliver sized up the situation and told Rex and Mike to stop.

Henry: Those silly engines, how do you do it?

Oliver: Ah well, they tease each other and Duck and I told them to stop.

Narrator: Henry had to agree with him.


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