• Name: Overseer
  • Race: Unknown.
  • Appearance: Gold, white, and silver in colour. He looks a lot like an Inika. His body is bulkier than the normal Inika configuration though, with a large pack that holds disks and the like . His arms are slightly bulkier but also longer. His legs are a little longer, but not by much. He is a giant, however. He is aproximately 3 Bio tall (10.2 Feet, Aprox.). He wears a mask of unknown origin or design.
  • Allignment: Good.
  • Powers:

--Stronger than most Toa in the Knights, except Kanai
--Control Over Six Basic Elements (Ice, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Rock. Most proficient at using Ice. These can be focused through his Rhotuka Shield or through his weapons and body)
--Teleportation [Mask of Teleportation (Different from the Kualsi), allows the user to teleport himself or another person to any place on the continent or island the wearer is currently on]
--Mutation (Mask of Change. Mutates the target into a random sentient being that the user has seen or heard of.)
--Disk 617 (Onu-Metru, Reconstitute at random, Level 7)
--Disk 337 (Po-Metru, Weakens, Level 7)
--Disk 177 (Ta-Metru, Regenerates, Level 7)
--Disk 487 (Ko-Metru, Teleports, Level 7)
--Memory Rhotuka (Erases the memories of the target, or places memories of something else in his head)

  • Weapons:

--Rhotuka Shield
--Disk Launcher (Le-Metruan modified to launch disks a farther distance)
--Katana (He can channel elemental energy through this)
--Staff with a large energy blade on the end (Can become extremely compact to fit on his back. He can channel elemental energy through this)

  • Personality: Gruff, but kind. Can be a great ally if you befriend him. Looks down upon the alliance between the Xal-Fettk and Knights of Mata-Nui.
  • Bio: Overseer is largely a mystery. Where he comes from is unknown. Some people don't even remember when he joined the Knights of Mata-Nui. Some say he's the second oldest living member of the Second Order. No one remembers his name. Not even himself. For this reason, and his job, he has christened himself 'Overseer'. The Overseer is in charge of all punishments for the Knights of Mata-Nui. From petty warnings to full blown expulsions. The only member of the Knights he will obey is Sirea.

He is a very ancient warrior. Some say he even fought in the Great War, but this has been disproved time and again by Sirea. Other's say he's been around since the dawn of time, and this is why he can never seem to remember his names. But these are all rumours. Not even he knows his true past, but he is always seeking for the truth to it...

When he expels a member, he uses his mask power to completely mutate them into a different species, and uses his rhotuka to implant memories of this species while erasing memories of his old existence... Theoretically, this keeps them from remembering the Knights, and trying to join again. Of course, this doesen't always work. On [I]some[/I] ocassions, the erasing of memories reverses itself after time. In such a case, many of these expelled members would hold a grudge against Overseer.

He has four brothers he works with on occasions, Justice, Courage, Temperance, and Prudence. These members of the Knights help him to put rebellious members into custody. Currently, Overseer is on a hunt for the expelled member of the Knights, Mala.

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