Asynchronous, synchronous, and blended E-learning environments are becoming increasingly popular among working adult learners, and employers seeking less expensive methods to provide job skills training for employees. Advancements in video and audio technologies along with Web 2.0 social media tools are creating e-learning environments that are congruent with this generation of millennial learners need for multi-literacies to operate in a global economy. E-learning meets the educational needs of today’s learners, and the training needs of corporate America. Instructional designers are using proven multimedia principles and instructional strategies to create the optimal e-learning atmosphere to accelerate learning and fully engage the student. This Wikis page provides potential viewers with current information and examples of the three dominant multimedia principles of personalization, segmentation, and pre-training; and concludes with a discussion on the instructional strategy of worked examples. (Luis)

The e-Learning Advantage01:23

The e-Learning Advantage

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