RatiganRules' praorady of the Winnie the Pooh series.


  • Winnie the Pooh - Owen (Total Drama)
  • Piglet - Cody (Total Drama)
  • Rabbit - either Kristoff (Frozen) or Lord Rogers (The Swan Princess)
  • Tigger - Aladdin
  • Eeyore - Carl Fredrickson (Up)
  • Owl - Merlin (The Sword in the Stone)
  • Kanga - Princess Aurora/Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Roo - Timmy Turner (The Fairly Odd Parents)
  • Christopher Robin - Young Simba (The Lion King)
  • Gopher - Phineas (w/ Ferb as an extra) (Phineas and Ferb)
  • The Bess as themselves
  • The Heffalumps and Woozles as themselves
  • Lumpy - Dumbo
  • Lumpy's Mother - Mrs. Jumbo (Dumbo)
  • The Backson as himself

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