July 75 2579

    *Ginger Nutt - trombone
    *Hazel - helps with trombone
    *Corny - bass clarinet
    *Loopy - helps with bass clarinet
    *Zimmy the Lion - bass viola
    *Estelle the Elephant - violin
    *Lena the Lioness - cello
    *Boko Parrot - ukulele
    *Biffy Buffalo - xylophone, timpani, etc
    *Buffy Buffalo - helps with xylophone, timpani, etc
    *Boko Parrot's Girlfriend - high-hat cymbal And Two Foots Drums
    *Sandy Ostrich's Son - harmonica
    *Sandy Ostrich - slide whistle
    *Wilma Ostrich - kazoo
    *Casper the Alley-cat - bass clarinet
    *Chester the Cat - helps with bass clarinet
    *Cocky Sparrow - trumpet
    *Cooky the Cuckoo - trumpet
    *Chirpy Sparrow - trumpet
    *Mrs Sparrow - clarinet
    *Mr Sparrow - saxophone
    *Willie Weasel - flute
    *Mrs Cuckoo - her own feather tail
    *Kobber Kookaburra - tuba
    *Kate Kookaburra - helps with tuba
    *Wanda Waddle - Octobass
    *Digger Platypus - helps with Hand String Octobass And Foot 10 Bass Drums
    *Dinkum Platypus - Pulling String Octobass And Spinning Octobass
    *From Mrs. Brisby Meet Jetsons The Movie

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