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Owner Pet is a main protagonist as Melissa, Eddie, Rodney, Darlene and members gang as teams members and adventures and actions as family as friendship and versus enemies and saved to department.


Melissa Rocha, Eddie, Rodney, DarleneBart Simpson (The Simpsons), Terri SimpsonBetaBrandoMordecai, Rigby, Margaret, Eileen, Thomas (Regular Show)CJ,  Hi Five Ghost, Celia (Regular Show),   Benson, Audrey (Regular Show)Death (Regular Show), Death´s Wife, Madeline (Vampire), Anderson, Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons), Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)Lennie, Jenny (Lennie´s girlfriends)Biana, Trip, Margaret (Penny)Diana, Bolts, MelissitaAgsell, Mimi RochaBolts II,  Andy Rocha , MaryTommyBrinaTobi, TaniaCJ JR.Elizabeth RochaTJThomas Jr. (Thomas´s son), Baby Eddie, Aniya, Ricky J. Squirrel, Maddy, Thomas (Demon)Brandy, Ben RodriguezBrandy II, Ego, ElenaLeonLeonaChad (Regular Show), Jeremy (Regular Show), Clara (Possum), Jessica (Ostrich), Cristina Rocha, Fabiola Rocha, Diana and Bolts´s Children Twin, Jenny and Lennie´s Children Twin, Justin (Vampire), Mariana Rocha, Mariacita Rocha, Fred (Eddie´s brother), Skipper Rocha, Chelsea Rocha, Ken (Eddie´s brother), Ryan (Eddie´s Brother), Dolts, Tracy, Turcker Mackleberry, Roseline (Henry´s girlfriends), Janey, Barte and Barti, Gus RochaPenny (Tobi´s girlfriends)Nilsan (Tommy´s girlfriends), Sara Rocha, Bart Simpson, Jr.Diana´s New Class Partner, Karla Rocha, Eddie Jr. Rocha, Hi Five Ghost´s girlfriends, Darlene Rocha, Ice King (Endivie´s husband), Hookfang (Dragons), Melissa´s Giant Showdow

Henry (Jenny´s boyfriends) , MarleneRex, Oliver Styler, Dora (Oliver´s New Girlfriends), RosannaIrela, Alex Rocha, Tina (Girls), Josh (Tina´s New Boyfriends), Hikari (Ricky´s girlfriends), Ky, Mordecai (Gumball)


  1. Owner Pet/Adventure Time (2010)
  2. Owner Pet/Bolts and Blip
  3. Owner Pet/Bolts & Blip
  4. Owner Pet/Future-Drama
  5. Owner Pet/Pokemon
  6. Owner Pet/Regular Show
  7. Owner Pet/Squirrel Boy
  8. Owner Pet/The Simpsons
  9. Owner Pet/Dragons Riders of Berk
  10. Bolts & Blip/The Wizard of Oz
  11. Squirrel Boy/Dragons Riders of Berk
  12. Bolts and Blip
  13. Squirrel Boy
  14. Terror Tales Members Gangs II
  15. Go Christmas Ever
  16. Diana Loves Currents to Bolts
  17. Diana Kiss Loves Currents to Bolts
  18. Bolts is Become Leader and Date with Diana
  19. Birthday Melissa

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