== oz carmel ==
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katan 6 month

born on february 28, 1977. a minute later his twin, liron, came out too. it was the beginning of a 18 years career of vandalism acts, cats burning and happy childhood in kibbutz ein-gedi. at the age of 18, they both volunteer to giv'ati, an elite infantry unit of the IDF.

after 3 years of courages fighting, especially against wild pigs and donkeys accidently got shot, the army decided to give up on him.

later in his life, effected from sidharata and carl marx's menifesto, oz began to help the poor and sick people of the world. 'till this day he keeps helping people, donating money for charity and synagogues, promoting world peace, and encourage compassion and forgivness among humans and cats.

at this stage in his life, oz is a M.a communication student in BG Univesity in Beer Sheva.

his goals remain the same: diving naked with sharks in the caribbeans and smoking pot with the dalai lamah.

sperchen Sie Deutsch? na ya, eingang zum Oz im Deutschland!.

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