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Confusion between P'taah and Ptaah.

Ptaah is the leader of the Plejaren, and is an Jschwjsch, which means "king of wisdom." He is from Erra, which is 80 lightyears from the Pleiades, in the Taygeta system. He is a human being, and lives in the 3rd dimension of reality, just like the the rest of us.

P'taah, on the other hand, is a lightbeing, from the 7th dimension of reality. He does not have human form. P'taah describes himself as a band of energy that exists everywhere and every when, "utilizing the energy field of the Pleiades as a portal," through which he steps down his energy to communicate with those who are interested. He is channeled through Australian women, Jani King. P'taah is very much aware of the meaning of his name as "King of wisdom," and chose it as a play on that term. He spells his name with an apostrophe to avoid confusion.

The Plejaren human beings, star seeded three of the human lineages, on earth, 11,000 years ago, so they feel connected and responsible for what is happening on this planet. They utilize Billy Meier as their contact on earth, and have let him photograph and film their beamships, as well as provide volumes of contact notes.

Ptaah and the Plejaren are verifiable, to those with eye's to see, through a mountain of physical evidence. P'taah, on the other hand, offers no evidence other than your own personal experience. As a result of this, many followers of Billy Meier are turned off, as they are often scientifically orientated, and science requires proof. To make matters worse, Ptaah has told Billy that all channeling is not real. Now while the Plejaren are well intentioned they have been known to give false information, from time to time, for their own reasons. Although there are many frauds out there, channeling is very much a reality, and one must use discernment to determine what is real, and what is not.

P'taah has come forth to teach people how to transform their lives. How to get in touch with your own Spirit, and how to heal your emotional pain, through a process called transmutation. His message is very powerful, simple, and interesting.

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