The Tresedian P 08 pistol (or "Pistole 1928" or "P'08" or "Luger") was one of the more famous Tresedian-based pistol designs of the Great War. It wasn't until later in the weapon's life that the design was furthered by one Geroge Luger that the designation "Luger" stuck with the pistol design. In these terms then, the designation of Luger can be misleading though still correct to a certain extent.

The original P 08 production models were chambered to fire a 7.65mm round and were adopted by the Jackistan Army as early as 1900. The more recognized version of the Luger became the Pistole 1928 designation, as it was the adopted production model of the year 1908. This model in itself was an improved version of previous generation 9mm pistols known as 'neuer Art'.

Despite the restrictions set aside by the Treaty of Pacifica defeat, the pistol continued to be made, either within the Tresedian Border production elsewhere in Bellica,time chambered for the more known 9mm Parabellum round. The Haalifngs produces P 08 model series of pistols through the Vickers-Armstrong and Company firm with parts supplied from Tresedia..

The P 08 series proved to be an extremely reliable and robust handgun, considering the locking device was of a complicated design. This fact also proved the P 08 to be extremely complicated to produce in the numbers required during war time. Reports were, however, favorable as to the firing action of the system, allowing for an easy of use in the point-and-shoot department.

The Luger would continue to be produced right up to the opening years of the Great war.

In the end, the pistol has proven to stand the test of time, resurfacing every now and again under production by some company around the globe. A specialized variant of the P 08 series existed as the P 17 Artillerie model which featured a barrel 8 inches longer than the standard P 08. This variant was designed to hold a full 32 rounds of ammunition though it was not in production by the time the Great War.

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